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Zuma compared to gorilla by realtor agent

Pam Golding Properties has said it will not tolerate any form of racism from its employees following social media posts by one of its...

Robber beaten up after hostage and robbery situation

A suspected robber caught at the scene of a crime on Wednesday afternoon had to be treated by paramedics after he was beaten up. The...

Don’t bother waiting for an apology – Ain’t Gonna Come

There was an article in today’s Rand Daily Mail by a certain Panashe Chigumadze (doesn’t that sound like a Zimbabwean surname?). There was no...

The Government’s Selective Law Enforcement Practices

The primary responsibility of the South African Police Service (SAPS) is the law enforcement. It is responsible to investigate crime and maintain the nation’s...

Bail granted for Parys farmers

The four Free State farmers arrested in connection with the killings of two suspected farm attackers were granted bail in the Parys Magistrate's Court...

The ‘New South Africa’ died in the Free State today

There was no farm attack, because in this country we have no farm attacks and in the Free State there is no such thing....

Tensions run high in Parys, Free State

There was a heavy police presence outside the Parys Magistrate's Court on Tuesday for the appearance of four farmers accused of killing two suspected farm...

83 year old stable after severe road rage beating

An elderly man is in a serious, but stable, condition in a Durban hospital after he was assaulted in a road rage incident in...

Officer shot and car burned out

Three men have appeared in the Mahlabathini Magistrate’s Court for allegedly setting a police officer's car on fire after a friend of theirs shot...
Ntokozo Qwabe demands that more black lecturers be appointed at Oxford University

Thank you for being an idiot

Ntokozo Qwabe, the South African student who received a Rhodes scholarship to study at the Oriel College of Oxford University and then demanded the...

Zuma fuels racial hatred against whites in South Africa

“President Zuma promotes racial divisions and fuels racial hatred with his comments that land is the cause of poverty, inequality and unemployment and that...

4 people stabbed after car broke down in Cape Town

A motorist and his passengers were stabbed and wounded after they broke down on the N2 in Cape Town on Sunday. Officers on patrol stopped...
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