Stay young: Some of the best methods!

Stay young: Some of the best methods!

Fashion and ads highlighting eternal youth have been influencing many people. To have good skin or to fight against the hair loss, many people...

Yoga to bring desired changes in body by Yogi Ashwini

Yog taps into the power of consciousness, which simply put, is the ability to manifest thoughts and desires. Yogis and rishis have been known...
Yogi Ashwini

The Healing Prana – Bringing Down Fever by Yogi Ashwini

Spiritual Healing is a potent ancient science, which when done under the guidance of a Guru, in a detached manner gives miraculous results. In our...

Decongest the Body and Mind with Sanatan Kriya: Basics (I)

‘Health is Wealth’ is an old adage, yet most ignore health, for wealth. Stress, fatigue, emotional congestion and tension are some side-effects of a...
Dhyan Foundation

Breathe it right

If you trace a person from being an infant to a full grown adult, you will notice, in most cases, a progressive decline in...
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