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South African farmer and domestic worker murdered on farm

In another merciless farm attack, a farmer of the Wepener district in the Free State and his domestic worker were shot dead on Thursday,...
Farm attackers released, farmer may face murder charges

Farm attackers released, farmer may face murder charges

Carl Gutter (70) a farmer from Palmietfontein near Brandfort was attacked by five suspects during August last year and could be charged with murder...

Hypocrites ignore constitution when it comes to Afrikaners

When it suits them, the bunch of hypocrites calls on the South African Constitution, but when they want to belittle oppress and trample the...

New private army for the controversial Gupta family?

The Black First Land First (BLF) movement, which is notorious for their intolerance towards whites, is apparently trying to transform into a kind of...

Radical economic misery on its way

Standard & Poor's, the rating company, warned that South Africa's credit rating could be downgraded again if political uncertainty prevents economic growth in the...

Ramaphosa defends radical economic transformation

For those who hoped for the supposed capitalist of the ANC, Cyril Ramaphosa, to disagree with his boss Zuma on the radical economic transformation,...
Man sustained head injuries in Ladybrand farm attack

Woman attacked on smallholding and hit with golf club

A farm attack on a Honingklip smallholding situated in Krugersdorp left a 65-year-old woman seriously injured. It was on April 19, when two young male...

Newly appointed finance minister adviser advocated nationalization

The newly appointed adviser, Prof. Chris Malikane, to the newly appointed finance minister, wrote an article under the heading "Our chance to complete the...

Between the devil and the deep blue sea

The new buzz word in South Africa from both the ANC and EFF is “radical economic change”. The argument is to speed up blacks’...

Zulu King gets R58 million in 2017

Despite misappropriation and accountability the Natal premier said royalty will receive R58,8 million in the next financial year, which is about R10 million more...

Farm attacks over festive season EFF related?

Since the 6th April, there are reports of at least fourteen farm attacks that have occurred. 6 April was the day that was targeted by...

Minister of Finance’s ‘crazy’ adviser speaks Ramaphosa language

The Treasury distanced itself from the statements of Prof. Chis Malikane, Economic Adviser to the Minister of Finance. He called for banks, mines, and insurers...
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