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Welcome to the advertisement section of South Africa Today.

On South Africa Today we welcome you to contact us for advertisement opportunities.

We do have a few options for you to consider when advertising with us.

1) We accept sponsored posts.
What is a sponsored post? General posts with hidden links within the content. These posts will be checked and credibility of the links will also be verified before publication is considered. Please note that high quality posts that are most relevant to South Africa Today will be published. Non-relevant posts will not meet our standards.

Articles with embedded links to paying third parties might be charged for or rejected. If you are paid to promote a third party website we normally charge a small fee per article. If you are unsure please contact South Africa Today before submitting the article.

2) We do offer banner options and advertisement space on South Africa Today.

3) We also accept press releases and company branding posts. We mostly will not charge for publishing these posts however these articles and posts must be of good quality and valuable content. In some cases when our free advertisement policies are exploited too much we may charge for some press releases and company branding posts. This all depends on the usability and quality of the posts.

4) If you are a Proudly South African company we welcome you to contact us for advertisement opportunities. You may find that our advertisement service is very helpful and a valuable resource for you. Mostly we can help your company for free as long as the posts your provide are well written and of value to South Africa Today.

International companies interested in this option are more than welcome to contact us as well.

5) We also accept content that promotes the work of NGO’s or non-profit organizations.
6) We also accept the work from freelance journalists and cartoonists but unfortunately we cannot pay for this as we only work on promotional terms. This means that we promote your work and give exposure for your work. In some cases “if requested” we will also provide you with CV building certificates for your contribution to South Africa Today.

7) If you feel like you want to raise your voice or have a say on South Africa Today we also accept community contribution posts. Write to us and you can feature on South Africa Today. You can be anonymous or yourself. The option is yours.

Currently South Africa Today has international publishers who seem very happy for the free exposure that we offer and provide them. We have local South African publishers as well as publishers from Brazil, India, United States and other countries.

If you are interested in any of these given opportunities to Advertise or contribute on South Africa Today please contact us now at the following email address:

info (at)