Hypocrites ignore constitution when it comes to Afrikaners

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Hypocrites ignore constitution when it comes to Afrikaners
Mr. Andries Breytenbach - Image - Die Vryburger

When it suits them, the bunch of hypocrites calls on the South African Constitution, but when they want to belittle oppress and trample the Afrikaner, then the constitution with its bogus guarantees can equally and conveniently be ignored.

This is the reaction of the leader of the HNP, Mr. Andries Breytenbach after it became known that more steps were taken to get Afrikaans away from the courts.

Mr. Breytenbach says it is not only the government that is trying to destroy Afrikaans, the judiciary fight side by side with them against our language and culture.

“Mogoeng (the Chief Justice) has already rendered judgment that ‘any reliance by white South Africans, mainly white Afrikaner people, on a cultural tradition founded in history finds no recognition in the Constitution.’ Read together with the ruling, making decisions about the subject a farce of Mogoeng’s statement that “The African world-outlook that one only becomes complete when others are appreciated, accommodated and respected, must also enjoy Prominence in our approach and attitudes to all matters or importance in this country.” But of course the disregard of Afrikaans is not for the Afrikaner a ‘matter of importance,’ because in his eyes the Boer-Afrikaner, is not part of the ‘others’ who are appreciated, be accommodated and are respected,” said Mr. Breytenbach.

He pointed out that it is ironic that this chief justice imitated the colonial imperialist, Lord Charles Somerset, who also banned Afrikaans from the court two centuries ago!

“His attitude indicates our people’s rejection of the current constitutional dispensation in which the enmity of the foreign government and its partners have to endure, and we call for self-determination. Meanwhile, he can consider that the real or perceived wrongs of the past cannot be made right by committing new injustices in the present, this simply blows hatred,” said Mr. Breytenbach.

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