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We very quickly say: It’s a disease of the Liberalist. He will personally scold and insult you before he acknowledges that your arguments are stronger than his. I have well learned this here: it’s only a disease of the Afrikaner in general. He will have nothing more to say later, and rather be dead than to admit: I was wrong.

That’s why it’s better not to join the conversation if you know beforehand that you do not have any arguments to back up your case. It’s a lesson that Pik Botha can learn.

For, rather than acknowledging: “I was part of a plot that with our clothes on our bodies gave everything away, I was wrong!”, he indeed came again and tried to sell that crazy dream to us one more time.

“Do not lose courage. It will be better. The turning point is coming. Zuma will go!” He says.

What does it help to say Zuma will go? Does Pik Botha see someone in the waiting room who offers a better option than Zuma? Is Pik Botha so madly stupid that he is thinking with Mmusi Maimane and a horde of other crazy ones that Zuma is the problem? No, Mr. Botha, the mess you cooked up at Codesa and palmed onto to us in 1994 is the problem.

South Africa, in its current situation, is the problem. Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment are the problems. Crime, murder, killing and corruption is the problem.

The trampling of minorities is the problem. Black against white, brown and Indian racism is the problem. Radical left-hand elements are the problem. Insignificant political opposition in Parliament is the problem. Mr. Botha, Jacob Zuma, is a pustule that runs out of the wound of South Africa. But it was you and your friends who inflicted that wound. And that’s the problem!

Do not deceive the people anymore about how much better it will be if Zuma goes. You do the same harmful work as Maimane and Zille, and De Klerk did, trying to convince us that this bus is heading for Utopia, and as we have long realized: This bus does not even have wheels.

Go take a drink, sir Botha, and enjoy your retirement. You’ve sold your revelation together with your people … for the lowest offer you could get.

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