NPL (Nutritional Performance Labs) elevates the game: Official supplement partner of the Emirates Lions & Toyota Cheetahs

NPL (Nutritional Performance Labs) elevates the game: Official supplement partner of the Emirates Lions & Toyota Cheetahs
NPL (Nutritional Performance Labs)

[Johannesburg, April 2024] – Nutritional Performance Labs (NPL), a leading name in sports nutrition, proudly announces its latest stride in the realm of elite sports partnerships. After cementing its status as the official supplement partner of the Emirates Lions in July 2023, NPL now extends its #YellowArmy alliance to include the revered Toyota Cheetahs.

In a groundbreaking move, NPL is not just joining forces with these rugby powerhouses; it’s redefining the narrative around sports supplements. More than just a staple for bodybuilders, NPL’s products are now integral to the training regimens of professional athletes across disciplines.

This partnership, aligned with NPL’s EPS (Elite Pro Series/Series Black/Pure Series) range, signifies a commitment to excellence. By providing quality-tested supplements geared towards optimising performance, NPL aims to redefine industry standards.

Each month, NPL supplies a tailored selection of products to both teams, accompanied by essential training aids such as water bottles, racks, cooler boxes, and warm-up shirts. These products, meticulously designed to enhance endurance, facilitate recovery, and elevate performance, are safe for professional athletes of varying ages.

The NPL arsenal for these elite teams includes:

  • Intra Load: Fuel for sustained endurance during gruelling matches.
  • Pro Gains: A powerhouse for muscle recovery and growth.
  • Hyper Pump: The secret weapon for intense weight training sessions.
  • Amino Energy: Vital support for high-octane field sessions.
  • BCAA EAA 12:1:1: Precision-engineered to maximize muscle repair and growth.
  • Nitro Rush: Unleash explosive energy during critical moments on the field.
  • Platinum Whey: A premium protein source for muscle maintenance and repair.
  • Casein Nighttime Protein: Optimal recovery support while you sleep.

“Partnering with the Emirates Lions and Toyota Cheetahs isn’t just about sponsorship; it’s about collaboration and a shared commitment to excellence,” remarked Albert Burger, Brand & Sales Manager at NPL. “We’re thrilled to be part of their journey, providing the fuel they need to dominate on the field.”

With this strategic partnership, NPL reinforces its position as a driving force in the sports nutrition industry, setting new benchmarks for performance enhancement and athlete support.


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