Between the devil and the deep blue sea

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Between the devil and the deep blue sea - Image - Front National

The new buzz word in South Africa from both the ANC and EFF is “radical economic change”. The argument is to speed up blacks’ access to the economy. To achieve this the Department of Agriculture has already published the Proposed Law on land Distribution that will in effect drive white landowners away from acquiring farms, sustaining farms or ever again prosper on productive agricultural units.

With Gigaba as new Minister the same awaits businesses and the JSE. There is even talk of nationalizing mines, industries and the banking sector. Leading up to 1994 the ANC recognised that it could not impose change since this would scare away capital.

Over the past three, four years we have heard Zuma and more and more ANC and EFF voices (even the DA) say that “white monopoly capital” controls the state and is determined to prevent a challenge by using claims of “state capture” to defame the forces of economic change.

Clearly this leaves the vulnerable white citizen, the vast majority lower and middle class, in the firing line as there is no distinction other than race. It is the middle class farmer being murdered, not the white mega-farmer. It is the average white entrepreneur being shot for a cellphone, not the super-rich executive in his Saxonwold mansion.

And this is where Front National and 90% of white citizens find themselves: directly in the firing line of black aspirations and white greed of big capital. We are the vulnerable citizenry suffering the most in this conflict where politicians make no distinction between the white lower and middle class and the greedy super-rich.

Let us be honest about this – what have the Big Business done for us as white citizens? Absolutely nothing! During the past few weeks we have published numerous stories of greedy whites who siphoned away millions upon millions from State contracts, financial institutions and mining houses; both from the present government and from the pre-1994 government. White politicians from the NP pocketed vast amounts and it is safely stashed away in offshore accounts.

We know for a fact that these greedy executives bankrolled the DA’s so-called “protest marches” – not to empower people, but to protect their own interests. Name any JSE brand that has ever given money to any project to alleviate white poverty, to bankroll a farm protection plan, to achieve white political stability through self-determination.

Name but one! Has one of them noted its protest against the proposed land grabs? Where are the Oppenheimers, Ruperts, Wieses, Media24, mining houses, supermarkets, franchise holders, mega-farmers and industries? They are busy appeasing people, playing politically-correct games with tame opposition groupings such as the DA and AgriSA. Now that the goose laying the golden eggs is under threat they must realize that their plundering of the South African economy is coming to an end. All they have left is rumour-mongering about Gordhan, staging so-called protests against Zuma and empty threats about international grading agencies.

We now how desperate the EAG is to control the economy and how they still plot and plan on ways to ensure their bought Apartheid and greed do not come tumbling down.

These are the same white forces who hoodwinked white citizens to hand over power to the black majority in 1994 by pumping millions into the campaign. These are the same people who are, once again, plunging the average lower and middleclass white citizen into a downward spiral where we become the main target for black aspirations.

This is the dilemma we as ordinary white citizens is faced with: do we stand up to protect “white rights” just so that the greedy can become richer? If we do not do anything we will all go down in a reverse Apartheid discriminatory system of land grabs, affirmative action, BEE, quotas, more than a hundred discriminatory laws, ordinances and regulations, and being reduced to second-class citizens. If we do something, we again strengthen the hands of the white elite.

It is a Catch 22 situation and both the ANC and EFF know that.Front National can urge the greedy few to “man up” and help their own people to achieve self-determination, but we know it is a futile attempt. They want your vote, they want your feet in the streets to protect themselves, but they will never stoop down to their own lower and middle classes.

We are between the devil and the deep blue sea. And once again, we whites will be the ones to suffer.

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