9 Tips All Men Should Follow for a Healthy Looking Skin

9 Tips All Men Should Follow for a Healthy Looking Skin
9 Tips All Men Should Follow for a Healthy Looking Skin. Photo: Shutterstock

There was a time when men were never seen concerned about their skin issues. However, over the past decade, this suddenly turned around.

The scenario has been steadily changing all over the world as men are becoming more and more conscious about individual care and taking responsibility for their looks and well-being.

There is nothing wrong with men looking after their skin. Although, it as not as delicate as of women but still requires regular care and nourishment.

The basic regime followed by men over the years is a simple one that involves washing their face or applying moisturizer only during the winter season. Having a routine that contains products that enhance your skin will also help you gain back confidence. With Misumi Skincare you will find options that you may have never thought of before. Allowing you to explore the world of skincare from the screen, with information that benefits and helps.

As a man, you might not be aware of all the other skin care methods out there.

So we have listed down the top 9 things you “should” or “should not” do to take proper care of your skin.

1. Washing Your Face Is a Primary Part of Skincare

Rinsing your face regularly should not be missed whatsoever. Consider doing so everytime you hit the gym or perform any strenuous activity.

Add a face wash to the process to clear up clogged pores and remove the dullness due to flaky skin.

If you’re patient with the method, put in scrubbing once a week as a part of the cleaning process.

2. Your Body Needs Water for Your Skin

You should remain hydrated throughout the day. Lack of hydration leads to dry skin.

Exchange coffee with water to see visible improvements on your skin.

Water is responsible for most of the chemical reactions happening inside your body. The more water you consume, the fresher you would look.  

3. Are You Shaving The Right Way?

As a man, you regularly or occasionally go under the blade to achieve a smooth touch to your face. But shaving can leave your skin irritated with razor bumps or ingrown hair.

Few basic steps that you could follow would include washing your face and applying a moisturizing shaving cream before you put the razor on your skin. Always remember to follow the direction of your facial hair to avoid ingrown hair.

Try switching between various razor types and stick with the one that’s comfortable for you. And don’t forget to change used blades in between.

4. Put on Some Moisturizer Everytime You Wash

You should be applying a hydrating moisturizer not only after you wash your face but also before you go to bed. That way you’ll wake up with a well-hydrated skin.

Many have the wrong idea that moisturizing creams cause breakouts for some men who already have an oily skin.

Identify your skin type and use the correct moisturizer accordingly.

However, don’t skip moisturizing or your skin will require nourishment and produce excess sebum that will eventually lead to more breakouts.

5. Save Your Skin from The Harmful Sun

Your skin may not be as delicate as that of a woman but it doesn’t mean you could freely expose yourself to the sun and won’t get affected.

The sun’s UV rays are strong enough to cause you wrinkles, age spots, sunburns, and in extreme cases can even lead to skin cancer.

Instead of risking all of that, take the time to apply a good sunscreen of SPF 30 or more. Wear a hat or a cap and shades whenever you go out in the sun.

Remember that you need to reapply sunscreen every couple of hours or after any strenuous activity that wears off the protection from your skin.

6. It’s Time to Quit Smoking for The Sake of Your Skin

You should not be smoking if you’re expecting good skin in the long run.

The harmful chemicals of the cigarettes cause dullness and take away the youthfulness from your skin.

Smokers tend to get wrinkles and see early aging symptoms which we believe you don’t want to see as well.

7. Get Your Veggies and Fruits

This widely spread advice to consume a healthy diet is not a new thing to add to the list but it is something that men tend to forget often.

Fruits and vegetables naturally contain antioxidants that help your skin to remain fresh and healthy.

Develop the habit of consuming vegetables instead of junk food to achieve a younger looking skin over the years.

8. Nothing Can Beat a Good Night’s Sleep

Combined with all of the healthy practices mentioned above, a good night’s sleep holds to be one of the most essential methods to remain ahead in the skincare game.

While you sleep, your body gets to repair and prepare you for the upcoming day so that you can wake up looking fresh and energized.

9. Stay Away from Sugar

Yes we all know how irresistible it is, one bite on that delicious doughnut or a sip on that creamy coffee in the morning may seem innocent, but you will soon realize the drawbacks the little treats do to you.

Sugar diets are directly linked to causing breakouts and inflammation.

Try monitoring the amount of sugar in your diet to keep everything in balance.

Some Final Words

Men have begun taking care of the largest organ of their body which is not only a good thing but also shows how conscious a person should be.

A groomed look is not a difficult feat to achieve and it starts with a healthy looking skin.

Skincare methods take time to work and heal your skin but sticking to it is the best thing you could do. Your skin will be grateful to you eventually.

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