10 South African skincare brands You Should Know

10 South African skincare brands You Should Know
10 South African skincare brands You Should Know

South African skincare brands have been making a name for themselves on the local and international markets. So, if you are shopping online or visiting a local store, these brands are worth stocking for you.

It is because the local skincare brand space is exciting and innovative. There are some brands that experts have entirely reviewed and suggested for the desired results. In addition, the independent beauty world is prospering with the success of brands like IS Clinical, BioDermal, and many more.

In the same manner, South African brands are also becoming popular across the globe. In addition, local brands are giving good results in the beauty industry. So, we have put together a list of famous beauty brands from South Africa that you must know.

Instead, you can add some of these fantastic products to your cosmetics wish list. It will give you beautiful skin using natural ingredients, local flavour, and sustainable products.

Top South African Skincare Brands

These are some of the best local beauty brands that are producing incredible skincare products. All these items focus on sustainability and natural ingredients.

➔    IS Clinical

This skincare brand is famous across South Africa. It is because of its wide range of beauty products containing organic and natural ingredients for desired results.

All their products are packed with vitamins and agents that boost the skin’s moisture and counter the ageing process. Although they are made with natural ingredients, the products are suitable for both the environment and the skin. Besides the excellent results, they have an attractive smell.

➔    Matis

The brand Matis is one of the famous beauty brands in this country. Its wide range includes cleansers, exfoliators, face masks, serums, eye creams, toners, moisturisers, and more.

They are using a global approach to research and development in their products. In addition, their line of products combines botanical medicine with advanced scientific formulation expertise.

It gives clinical results to a broader audience who have included them in their daily regime.

➔    Heliocare

Heliocare is the most trusted and widely used beauty and cosmetics brand across this country. Their suncare and sunscreen products are developed using the latest and innovative technology.

Their products are suggested by a group of experts in dermatology and photobiology. It contains natural extracts of aquatic plants as their ingredients in all the items. All these ingredients develop protective solid and repair mechanisms against harmful UV radiation.

➔    QMS

QMS is the favourite skincare brand of this country amongst different customers globally. It is a luxurious brand that gives you value for your money. Indeed, their beauty and grooming products are made with natural ingredients.

However, they have been scientifically proven to have remarkable effects on the skin. In addition, their products are pretty affordable apart from giving the best results. One of the best things about their products is their smell.

➔    BioDermal

The BioDermal brand is widely used for its beauty and cosmetics range of products. Their product range includes body scrubs, serums, moisturisers, cleansers, body wash, eye treatments, and more.

All the product ranges are great for every skin type. This brand offers the latest in skin care technology. Moreover, they provide you with clinically tested non-invasive treatments designed to suit your needs.

However, their products use a combination of advanced beauty care technology and products to achieve your skin goals.

➔    RegimA

RegimA is a popular cosmetics and beauty brand across this country. However, it manufactures a unique, advanced, results-driven, medically accepted, anti-ageing, and skin rejuvenating range of products.

Professionals and customers use all these wide varieties of products. The products help skin types, skin problems, active acne, tone and texture, uneven skin colour, and healthy skin.

All of its items contain fruit extracts and natural ingredients that give you soft and supple skin.

➔    Intraceuticals

Intraceuticals has grown from a one-product brand into an international beauty giant. In addition, all their products are a result of innovation and are organic and environment friendly.

Moreover, their products are famous around the globe and include luxurious body and bath items and serums and cleansers. All things are made with the essential oils to care for your skin and some of the active natural ingredients.

➔    Yllume

Yllume brand products are the answer to all your daily beauty routines. In addition, it has an extensive range of products for any skin issue like acne, anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and more.

Furthermore, all these products have been proven to protect the skin from sun and ageing. They produce beauty products using only the best natural ingredients. A wide range of items include cleansers and face masks, enhanced with delicious fruit extracts.

➔    The Ordinary

The ordinary is a famous cosmetics brand in this country and provides effective results on your skin. They offer a large collection of cleansers, toners, moisturisers, face masks, and many more.

In addition, they also contain a therapeutic range of products made using plant essences and necessary natural oils. All these items are used for body treatments across the country. Moreover, it offers brilliant high-performance products at reasonable prices.

➔    Pro Active

The cosmetics product of the Pro Active brand is stocked in major outlets around the country. Its main ingredient is the antioxidant-filled plant extracts, famous for their medicinal properties. In addition, they are extracted from fresh and green plants.

Their products are an effective treatment option for mild to moderate acne outbreaks and scarring. All the items are affordable and offered for all skin types. Ideal beauty products for teenagers for their beauty routines and anti-ageing products for more mature skin.


Here, a list of famous beauty brands in South Africa is mentioned. Indeed, you can go through the details of its items and ingredients for effective skin. First, however, you get to know about the treatments of skin issues with the branded cosmetics products.