Somalia protest xenophobic attacks in South Africa


Xenophobic attacks continue to escalate around South Africa. The question remains – Who is to blame?
Of course South African border control is absolutely useless and the ANC seem to give a free pass to all of Africa to enter South Africa. With immigrants running wild from Lesotho, Mozambique, Somalia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. We can expect some new official languages being added in the future in South Africa.

In the case of South Africa xenophobic attacks are justifiable because South Africa is plagued with poverty and unemployment. The native South African blacks are starved even more with these immigrants and therefore xenophobia is a major problem in South Africa.

Another border problem is poachers. They come in to South Africa and poach priceless rhino horn and flee cross borders to neighboring countries. Criminals do the exact same. Murderers and thieves cross borders in to South Africa and commit horrible crimes and flee across the border. The South African police are “powerless” to stop these crimes

Many Somali immigrants face brutal xenophobic attacks and Somalians protested in Somalia about these crimes in South Africa…

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