Racial murders: 1000’s of white SA farmers killed by blacks – I also cant breathe !

Racial murders: 1000’s of white SA farmers killed by blacks – I also cant breathe !
Racial murders: 1000's of white SA farmers killed by blacks - I also cant breathe !

Yes, literally thousands of white South African farmers have been brutally murdered by blacks and, No there have been no riots, no destruction and no mayhem as a result. And YES, these are racially motivated murders! Black leaders in the country openly call for these racial murders. And its not only the farmers, scores of other innocent white people have been murdered by blacks. Nothing is being said about it and towns are not been destroyed by angry mobs over it. So why no outcry from the world and why no major media drive about ‘these’ racist atrocities and why no demonstrations?

The answer is simple:

1. Major mainstream media outlets are part of the world liberal movement and as a result don’t drive issues that don’t suit their narrative, whilst, for example, driving the George Floyd incident in America does just that and helps further their cause, in this case, to remove Trump and to create one world without borders. (Floyd was an habitual criminal who was high on drugs that caused a heart attack.)

2. The liberal controlled social media networks similarly decide what will be shared and whilst blacks openly post about the killings of whites and while other other suitable left agenda is promoted, you will find that any other posts not fitting this narrative, are deemed to not ‘meet community standards’ and are removed or you cant share them.

3. Exposed in a recent article published, “Globalists and liberals use COVID-19 to accelerate globalist revolution” you will start to understand that this part of the how the liberal world revolution is being driven under the ‘anti-racism guise’. And now the ANC wants to campaign against this even after its cadre run Police and Army killed have about a dozen black men during lockdown alone!

4. In an article published, “George Soros – The man in the shadows. What he really wants” we see that there is a global political battle between two poles. On the one hand is the international liberal alliance with multi billionaire and mega donor to the cause George Soros. They have as aim to remove all borders. And in South Africa, both the ANC and EFF, hard-core black nationalist movements, buy into the international liberal agenda with their aim of a borderless world. The likes of Ramaphosa and Malema are very much in the pockets of Soros and his friends.

5. In a book published, “‘Kill the Boer’, brutal reality of farm attacks, government complicity” we see that not only are the government reluctant to acknowledge these farm attacks but that they are actually complicit. So when the South African police refuse to make these crimes ‘priority crimes’ and show very little interest in investigating them properly you can start to see the picture of what is going on in the world and who is supporting who and with what goal.

At the ‘White Cross monument’ there are well over 3600 crosses symbolizing some of these farm murders. And TLU SA has recorded over 5000 farm attacks and over 2000 farm murders since 1990 pertaining to those farmers that are members of their organisation, these figures represent incidents reported to TLU SA and not all farmers in the country. The numbers are thus very much higher.

These farm attacks and murders are often accompanied by extreme violence, torture and rape and are being openly fueled by black South African leaders in the country.

The FF Plus commented on 27 June 2019, “It is now clear that the government has turned its back on the farmers in our country. To combat gang violence a special gang unit was established in the police force. That is indeed the right way to combat a specific crime. It, however, raises the question of why the same thing cannot be done to address the pressing problem of farm attacks? Why does the President refuse to admit that it is a reality and that it jeopardizes food security in our country?

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