White farmers are being systematically slaughtered in South Africa

White farmers are being systematically slaughtered in South Africa
White farmers are being systematically slaughtered in South Africa

The slaughter of white South African farmers is ongoing and on the increase. And nothing is being done about it! The ANC government, who has been implicated in these atrocities and who denies there existence, along with the main stream media, who refuse to cover the crisis as it does not suit there ‘narrative’, is creating a monumental disaster.

In the most recent attack on Sunday 24 November 2019, on a farm in Wolmaransstad, North West province. Five attackers, 3 men and two woman posed as sheep buyers and lured a couple from there home to the kraal to view sheep. The farmer (67) was tied up and brutally murdered whilst his wife was dragged to the farm house where she was very severely assaulted and tortured.

Groups of up to ten attackers, usually armed, are attacking white farmers and with the violence, torture, brutality and in some instances rape, this as argued by some, is not just normal crime!

With the pending ANC governments plan of expropriation with out compensation, which does not only apply to farms, but all property, including intellectual property, the crisis for all whites, not only farmers in the country is deepening.

On 19 November 2019, in Boschkop, Gauteng province, a farmer was shot dead and one female victim was stabbed in head, severely assaulted and tied up and tortured.

It was reported by Ian Cameron of AfriForum on 7 November 2019, that there have already been 376 farm attacks in South Africa since the start of 2019, that includes about 36 farm murders. In November there has been at least one attack every day so far.

During the month of October 2019, there were twenty eight farm attacks and three farm murders.
During September 2019, there were forty six farm attacks and seven farm murders.
During August 2019, there were 45 farm attacks, 4 farm murders.
During July 2019, there were 39 farm attacks, 4 farm murders.
During the month of June 2019, there were 34 farm attacks and 6 farm murders.
And for the period 1 January to the end of May 2019, there were already 184 Farm attacks and 20 farm murders.

A staggering statistic and the government says its not happening!

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