Globalists and liberals use COVID-19 to accelerate globalist revolution

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Globalists and liberals use COVID-19 to accelerate globalist revolution
Globalists and liberals use COVID-19 to accelerate globalist revolution

The globalist – Liberal world revolution begins under the anti racism guise. Look who is behind it before you join. The ANC has encouraged South Africans to wear black on Fridays for the following 3 weeks in what it calls an anti racism campaign that obviously latched onto the George Floyd incident in America.                       

It says it wants to create awareness of all forms of racism.                                         
Jesse Duarte, deputy secretary-general of the ANC, has announced on Thursday 4 June 2020, that this campaign will be launched on Friday at 19:00 and she asked South Africans to become ” partners” in this campaign by wearing black. Duarte announced that the ANC is joining an ” Alliance” and that leaders of the ” Alliance” will wear black clothes on Fridays.  

Now it is really getting weirder and weirder.                                 

The ANC now wants to campaign against itself after its cadre run Police and Army killed about a dozen black men during lockdown alone!                

It is jumping on the George Floyd bandwagon created by the international alliance of liberal and globalist forces with the objective of kick starting their revolution to create a globalist and elitist liberal world without borders.                               

Therefore it is significant that the ANC announced they have joined a so called Alliance. People have to see the bigger picture here. It has been apparent for some time that there is an international alliance of liberal and globalist forces to create a world without borders.             

The one world without borders movement is a powerful alliance mainly financed by George Soros and it includes the likes of the American Democratic Party, Antifa, Islamic forces, various other left wingers and liberals and Big Tech in America.                         

The globalists call it a campaign against racism after violent riots started after the death of George Floyd in America. They will call it something. But their aim is what it always was – the creation of the globalist world without borders. They are clearly opposed to nation states and the sovereignty of countries to control their own borders. In their heart however they don’t want any countries with a white majority anymore. This is the crux of the matter.                     

This is why they wanted to remove Donald Trump as President of America through the Russian and Ukraine hoaxes after he won an election democratically and opposed the globalist world view.                   

But the ANC  itself has 2 BIG problems now.                                 

1 – There is the problems with their own twelve George Floyd’s of which the best known is actually Collins Khoza.  2 – The ANC is racist. Very racist.                                                   

It has assistance schemes for small business people whose businesses are forced to close during the lockdown period and therefore can’t get an income but it excludes white people from these funds on the basis of skin colour in the time of a pandemic that knows no skin colour.                                             

The ANC has defended this position in the High Court and Constitutional Court in cases brought by the Solidarity Movement and the DA political party.                                               

The security forces controlled by the ANC also began with a brutal repression campaign during the lockdown period in which they not only killed many black people but locked up almost a quarter of a million South Africans of all races over trivialities. The ANC even banned a private NGO to distribute sandwiches in one case.                                               
How many trendy lefties will now join the bandwagon and wear black on Fridays?                   

Meanwhile TLU SA has announced on Thursday that it alone recorded over 5000 farm attacks and over 2000 farm murders on farmers since 1990. These statistics released by TLU SA pertain to those farmers that are members of their organisation and only represents incidents reported to TLU SA and not all farmers in the country, they said.             
These murders include the murder of many white children by black attackers and most of these attacks went hand in hand with extreme violence, rape and outright torture.                           

The ANC drenched in blood and racism, having looted South Africa dry, has no cards left to play and has jumped onto the George Floyd incident and the CCP – virus pandemic, not only to remain relevant, but to complete its own communist totalitarian objectives.         

Boiling the white minority in the pot.                                           

That is why Ramaphosa and his ” prime minister” Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma has said the ANC will use the opportunity afforded by the pandemic to ” restructure” the economy. That is why it is dragging out the lockdown even though scientists have said we should have been on lockdown level one already. The ANC needs more time to complete its own revolution at a time the globalist liberals started theirs.

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