George Soros – The man in the shadows. What he really wants

Opinion by Political correspondent

George Soros - The man in the shadows. What he really wants.
George Soros - The man in the shadows. What he really wants. Image source: Dettenborn [CC BY 3.0 de], via Wikimedia Commons

WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA RIGHT NOW? Many people don’t really understand the dynamic of the real reasons behind the effort of the Democrats to try to impeach and unseat President Trump.

The heart of the matter is the undeclared, yet very real and fierce , global political battle between 2 poles. On the one hand is the international liberal alliance with multi billionair and mega donor to the cause George Soros. They have as aim to remove borders, interestingly enough this aim of a borderless world is especially aimed at the West and Europe.

They would eventually like to conquer Russia too but have the very patriotic Vladimir Putin to contend with, a man clever enough to know what Soros and his globalist elite liberals are busy with. George Soros have the most influential liberal party leaders in the world and many deep state insiders on his speed dial and donate a massive amount of money to NGO’s furthering his agenda.

The other pole in the fierce global political battle is the people who believe in something like culture and identity. People who simply want to preserve the sovereignty of their nations, for example preventing non French to become a majority in France.

The liberal elite basically want to change demographics and allow unrestricted immigration, something that will lead to white people becoming minorities everywhere in the world. Why they want to do it, is not exactly clear but that this is their aim is a fact.

President Trump is the global political leader of the “Put your own first”- ( put all Americans first) camp and he was busy winning. His agenda is populistic but honest and people bought into it. The very leftist Democrats in the USA, with the backing of George Soros, know that Trump can’t be defeated at the polls so their aim – at all cost- is to unseat Trump through some other process, basically a coup d’etat using the impeachment process.

Like always the hypocracy of the globalists amaze. The Democratic party in the USA once used a private spying company called Fusion GPS to put together a false dossier on President Trump. That report was used to launch the Mueller probe into so called Russia collusion.

Now that President Trump has requested that the Ukrainian President look into corruption committed by Democrat Joe Biden’s son involving a Ukrainian natural gas company called Burisma, that is now suddenly a problem and used to impeach President Trump. No matter the fact that the Democrats used the Fusion GPS report, that they paid for and which was false, to obtain warrants to listen in on Trump supporters during Trump’s first election campaign. So it’s OK to spy on Trump, but not ok if Trump wants corruption of a Democrat’s son investigated. The liberals will stop at nothing to achieve their borderless world.

In South Africa, both the ANC and EFF, hard-core black nationalist movements, buy into the international liberal agenda with their aim of a borderless world. The likes of Ramaphosa and Malema are very much in the pockets of Soros and his friends.

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