Brutal farm attack, man seriously wounded, 1 attacker killed, De Wildt

Waterberg Veiligheid/Sekuriteit

Brutal farm attack, man seriously wounded, 1 attacker killed, De Wildt
Brutal farm attack, man seriously wounded, attacker killed, De Wildt

A farm attack took place near the 142 off ramp in De Wildt, Gauteng province on 11 October 2018, at 02:00. This is between Pretoria North and Hartebeespoort dam. Four attackers armed with a firearm and panga gained access to the home via the glass door. They moved into the bedroom, and overpowered Robert Veldman and his wife Hester. The man wrestled with the attacker, during which one attacker was fatally wounded by one of his gang. Robert, his wife and child were tied up with shoelaces.

The man was heavily wounded with the panga but is in a stable condition and was taken to hospital with head wound and possibly broken hand and arm. The woman was kicked in her side. The family is severely traumatised by the attack

The house was ransacked, cell phones and laptops were taken, and the attempt to flee in one of the family’s cars was unsuccessful. They fled the scene on foot. A tenant who returned from night shift, at 04:00, noticed the open door and heard the woman’s cry for help, he freed them, and notified the neighbours and the Dewildt Helpmekaar company.

No arrests have been made.

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