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Stellenbosch, western cape, South Africa
Stellenbosch, western cape, South Africa

Stellenbosch – “Run!!! They are going to kill you” her dad screamed when she entered her parents bedroom sleepy and saw them bound on the floor.

Caitlin Burton (20) and her family were robbed early morning on Tuesday on their farm in the region of Sir Lowrys pass, Cape Town. The robbers were four men wearing balaclavas.

“Die Burger” a national newspaper have reported about this balaclava gang before, they have been terrorizing the regions of Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and the Paarl since last year. It is not clear yet if it was the same gang on Thursdays attack.

The attackers striked around 3:15 am. The robbers broke a door open in Burton’s parents Mark and Sandy’s room. “They woke up my parents and held knives in their faces. They had to lie on the ground and were bound with shoelaces.”

“The gang of robbers wanted money, but my mother only had 50 Rand. She gave them the keys to the safe and they stole the jewelry.” Burton’s boyfriend, Jason Hoffman and Burton’s brother, Michael slept in other rooms in the house.

Earlier she heard the families boerboel dog barking and went to investigate. “I heard my father speaking and thought something was wrong with my mother. I opened the bedroom door and couldn’t see through the darkness clearly. A man suddenly appeared in front of me. My father screamed that I should run away. I ran to my room and tried to shut the door but one of the robbers overpowered me and opened the door and pinned me against the wall.”
“My boyfriend got the man off me and I ran to the back door” According to Burton, Michael slept through the whole robbery. She and Hoffman went to the neighbors for help. The robbers already left the scene of crime when they returned.

They stole jewelery, tablets, a laptop, one cellphone and chargers. Meanwhile the whole family involved went for therapy.

Andre Traut, a police spokesman said that no arrests have been made yet for the robbery.

Translated from Afrikaans.

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