4 Horrific farm murders in less than 72 hours in South Africa

South African Farm murders

4 Horrific farm murders in less than 72 hours in South Africa
4 Horrific farm murders in less than 72 hours in South Africa

The violent onslaught against the white minority and especially against white farmers in South Africa continues with out any acknowledgement from the president or the ANC government. In fact they openly deny the existence of these atrocities which is mind boggling, considering that between 1 April to 30 June 2020, there have been 88 farm attacks and 12 farm murders. And in less than 72 hours, between 3 and 5 July there have been another 4 farm murders so disgustingly violent in nature that it is incomprehensible that the government, the mainstream media and international condemnation is not forthcoming.

In Sunrella, in the Lanseria area of the Gauteng province in South Africa. A man, Jules Stobbs and his partner Myrtle Clarke were attacked in their home on a smallholding by three or four attackers. Stobbs was shot dead.

Outside of Worcester, on route to Robertson, in the Western Cape province of South Africa. The singer Wynand Breedt was shot and killed on a farm.

In Weenen, in the KwaZulu Natal province of South Africa, a family was attacked and the mom had her throat slit whilst her husband was very violently assaulted. This in front of their 2 young children aged 4 and 8.

In Grootvlei, in the Gauteng province of South Africa, a woman was shot twice in the face and killed, her husband was beaten to a pulp and is in a serious condition.

Literally thousands of white South African farmers have been brutally murdered by blacks and these are racially motivated murders! Black leaders in the country openly call for these racial murders. And its not only the farmers, scores of other innocent white people have been murdered by blacks.

Nothing is being said about it and towns are not been destroyed by angry mobs over it. So why no outcry from the world and why no major media drive about ‘these’ racist atrocities and why no demonstrations?

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Farm murder, couple robbed, man shot dead, Sunrella

Farm murder, the singer Wynand Breedt shot and killed, Worcester

Farm murder, young family brutalized, pregnant woman killed, Weenen

Farm murder: Woman shot and killed, husband beaten to a pulp, Grootvlei

Racial murders: 1000’s of white SA farmers killed by blacks – I also cant breathe !

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