Iraq. Syria. Venezuela? The U.S. prepares a chemical attack…

Iraq. Syria. Venezuela? The U.S. prepares a chemical attack...
Iraq. Syria. Venezuela? The U.S. prepares a chemical attack...

At the present time the crisis in Venezuela stays in the limelight of the world scene. The attempt of president of the National Assembly of Venezuela Juan Guaidó to usurp power in the country became a litmus test to define the cracking world’s global political poles. So, Germany stays alongside with its NATO allies and continues to recognize Guaidó’s presidential pretensions despite the Bundestag’s opinion of this violating the international law.

However, while the majority of countries support ‘their’ candidates providing them with humanitarian aid or official statements, the U.S. has already launched an aggressive campaign to help Guaidó to take the power. Last June Washington created a base to intrude into Venezuela by making Columbia a NATO’s global partner and waited for a chance to carry out a military operation similar to the Arab Spring.

The chance was not long in coming after the army remaining loyal to legitimate president Maduro blocked the humanitarian aid from the U.S. to cross the border between Venezuela and Columbia. Mr. Trump started to burst threats and Lawrence Sacks, head of USAID in Columbia, through the diplomatic channels contacted Guaidó and warned about the upcoming provocation with possible casualties among civilians.


In the view of the mentioned ‘necessary components’ it is possible to assume that Maduro will be blamed for the planned attack with the use of chemical or biological weapons and immediately after that Guaidó will expose the bloody tyrant during the new phase of informational war. In the upshot the liberation from dictatorship and victory of democracy in Venezuela are coming. There remains the risk that provocation will be followed by casualties among Columbian population which does not embarrass American fighters for freedom of Venezuela. Likely the role of Columbian embassy’s employees as a link between USAID and Guaidó became one of the reasons why Maduro decided to throw them out of the country.

However, you can hardly find anything new here. Since the WWII America has actively been using chemical and biological weapons against its enemies. With impunity the American Army used malignant bacterium and parasites during the Korean War, Agent Orange and napalm in Vietnam, white phosphorus in Iraq’s Fallujah in 2004 and that already became a history. Now the U.S. uses the old good scheme proven by time and tested on Saddam Hussein and Bashar Assad. A provocation comes at first – accusation of using prohibited weapons against civilians followed by a civil war that involves local and international extremists. America provoked a conflict between the authorities and the Kurds in Iraq and for Syria it has raised the ISIS. In Venezuela Washington may use groups involved into drug wars or political violence like FARC-EP.

This way or another, not only Venezuela but also the rest of nearby Latin-American countries should prepare themselves for provocations with the use of chemical or biological weapons. For now we have reliable information only about one such act but likely Americans will not stop even in case of its successful outcome. The U.S. uses teargas against its citizens even despite the fact that it was banned by the Chemical Weapons Convention and ignores the basic principle of the international law which supposes avoiding interference into domestic affairs of other countries. Right now America’s main goal is to start a new war. A single provocation is not enough for that so today we are witnessing the countries of Latin America being pushed by the patrons of Juan Guaidó into a new bloody feud.