South Africa’s ‘real’ matric pass rate only 42 percent

South Africa’s ‘real’ matric pass rate only 42 percent

The department of education has announced that 75.8% of matriculants passed their 2014 National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams – but in real terms, the picture is far less rosy.

Taking into account the number of drop-outs over the past 12 years, the real number of learners who managed to get a senior certificate sits quite a bit lower – at approximately 41.7%.

According to statistics from the department of education, in 2003, 1,252,071 pupils entered into the South African public schooling system in grade 1 – these pupils would become the class of 2014.

Fast forward 12 years, however, and only 688,660 of those learners made it through to pen their matric exams.

This means that, in real terms, only 55% of the learners who started school in 2003 made it through 12 years of education – the rest were lost along the way.

Put another way, with a pass rate of 75.8%, this means that only around 41.7% of learners who started school attained a NSC, while 59.2% did not.

More alarming, that means only around 12% (150,752 learners) managed to gain admission to Bachelor studies…

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