Front National call on supporters to boycott ABSA KKNK

Front National call on supporters to boycott ABSA KKNK

Front Nasionaal firmly believes that the performing arts is an expression of the cultural will and values of a nation.

The fact that the ABSA KKNK took a stand against Afrikaans music artist, Steve Hofmeyr, by stating that he would not have been allowed to perform after the controversy surrounding his performing of “The Call of South Africa”, is nothing but renewed censorship of the arts, this time with a liberal jacket on.

We admire and acknowledge Afrikaans artists who are not ashamed of being Afrikaners. Their political conviction is no concern of the Arts Festival Management and should not be used to isolate them from the arts community.

We call on supporters, members, friends and all other Afrikaners to take a firm stand and to actively boycott the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival.

It is a shame that and arts festival based in Oudtshoorn, the very town where CJ Langenhoven wrote “The Call of South Africa” in 1918, should now become the centre of oppression of the symbols of cultural values belonging to the Afrikaner/Boer nation.

The fact that medical parole was recommended for Clive Derby Lewis after pressure by Front National on the authorities, is evidence of the fact that Afrikaners can stand up, join hands and demand to be heard. Let us do it again.

We have gladly joined the page “Boikot ABSA KKNK & Bedmaats” and we urge every Afrikaner to do so as well by clicking on this link:!/groups/WEBOSO/?fref=ts


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