Afrikaner widow Christine Otto 75, tortured for 4 hours by three black males on her farm

March 20 2014: burnt with a hot iron, whipped, beaten with their fists, with a thick rope covered with nails – and in a cruel demonic act of pure hatred, the black men had even strewn her late husband’s ashes across her bed. But hey – it’s just another ‘ordinary crime’.

NELSPRUIT Family and friends of tortured attack-victim Mrs Christine Otto, 75 are furious at the brutal torture she had to endure for hours at the hands of a three-member black male gang who attacked her outside her Burnside, Nelspruit home, dragged her inside, tied her to the shower and tortured for hours: amongst others with a hot iron. She was ambushed at 09h00 while walking to her car, planning to attend a friend’s funeral. The blacks insisted that she had to have a gun-safe and would not accept her word that there wasn’t any gun-safe in her home.The attackers went into a bout of horrific violence against the Afrikaner woman: they whipped her, repeatedly burnt her with a hot iron, and hit her in the face with their fists.They kept torturing her until she gave them keys. It is believed according to the journalist, that the men must have been watching her for a long time.In an attempt to scare them off she said she wasn’t alone in the house but they replied: “We know your husband is dead’ -(strewing his ashes across her bed…). Eventually they left with three firearms, her blue Kia Picanto and jewellery. They left her tied to the shower.
She was only able to get herself loose and call HiTech Security in Nelspruit, and a paramedic and reaction officials rescued her at 18h00.The SAPS was also called but after waiting for more than an hour they failed to show. Otto – described by a tiny no-nonsense woman, initially refused to go to hospital but was convinced to be taken to Nelmed hospital where she was treated.
She told her family: “I was going to a funeral but it was almost time for my own funeral’.

Original in Afrikaans:

Vrou met strykyster gebrand vir toegang tot kluis

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