Volksteun making a difference in Nylstroom

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Volksteun making a difference in Nylstroom
Volksteun making a difference in Nylstroom. Photo: FNSA

Front National says thank you to Engela and her team who assisted Nylstroom yesterday, 26 May 2018, where the emergency among our people is very big. Volksteun support ensures that you will be warm this winter.

Volunteering is FNSA initiative to reach out to our impoverished people. Civil Security is the initiative to train our people in self-defense and security.

Which other political party in South Africa has made the effort to reach out to the needs of our people? Forgive us, then, if we ignore with contempt the comments on our page asking: What are you doing? If you are in a safe home with food in your stomach and warm clothes, we may not see you point of view. Then count your blessings. This is because we are dealing with people who need the most help and who are in dire straits.

See the article below if you would like to assist.

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