‘Volksteun’ now fully registered and operational

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‘Volksteun’ now fully registered and operational
'Volksteun' now fully registered and operational. Photo: Front Nasionaal SA

Exactly 2 years and 2 days after the first meeting in Cape Town to discuss the problem of increasing poverty under our people, Volksteun SA has now been registered as a Non Profit Organisation with a board of directors, registration number and bank account.

From this point onwards, no money or donations for social upliftment under our people will go through the bank account of Front National, but directly to Volksteun SA where it can be used for the purchasing of food, clothing, medical supplies, school supplies and whatever is needed where it is needed the most.

The Directors of Volksteun are: Engela van den Heever (Chair), Melanie de la Rey (Secretary/Treasurer) and Kobus Kruger.

This means that, by quoting the company registration number of 2018/092533/08 your donation will be regarded as a contribution to a welfare organization.

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to Mr Vivien de Klerk, Mr Jurg Prinsloo and other role players involved in assisting with the registration of Volksteun. We wish to thank Engela vd Heever, Melanie and Kobus and all their co-ordinators working so extremely hard to collect, sort and distribute contributions.

Above all we wish to express a most heartfelt word of gratitude to our contributors and donors for your loyal support, donations and encouragement. Without you, Volksteun would not have been able to reach this point.

Obviously Volksteun welcomes any support and contributions which can in future be paid into the following bank account from anywhere in the world:

Standard Bank.
Volksteun SA,
Acc nr, 013826867
Branch code, 012645
Electronic Branch Code, 051001

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