The story of a family in ‘New South Africa’

BKA Boere Krisis Aksie

The story of a family in 'New South Africa'. Photo: BKA
The story of a family in 'New South Africa'. Photo: BKA

Today 3 years ago on 10 July 2015 my son Abram Blignaut and his wife Izolda Blignaut became victims off the the attacks on South Africans!

It changed our lives as a family into a nightmare! My son was shot 3 times as he was trying to protect his 4 boys with his bare hands against the attacker while his wife was running to get help with her hands tied behind her back and fighting the other attacker, he shot 4 times at her but by the grace of God he missed her!

The bullet went through Braam’s spinal cord and he’s paralysed from below his chest and will never walk again!

His suffering in the new South Africa didn’t stop there, last year he fell ill after complications with a pressure sore on his hip! We took him from one hospital to another with no luck off getting any medical help for him! He nearly lost his life a second time due to that! We took him to Bloemfontein 500 km from his home where his right leg was removed from his hip!

I started this group on Facebook in honour off my son and his wife and my 4 grandsons to show the world what is really going on here in south africa and if you are lucky to survive that the torture didn’t end! Pain, spasms, expensive medication, chronic infections, suffering to make ends meat and to provide for their kids became a constant battle for them!

Today i would like to tell my son that he’s my hero and to my daughter in law, thank you for 3 years off dedicating yourself to your husband! I love you all with all off my heart!

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Watch the video below and hear the story of how a farm attack changed the life of an ordinary law abiding family. A Facebook group has been created “Braam- My life as a paraplegic with my family” and the family post regular updates.

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