SA, if you change the laws to ‘make Jews subhuman’ would it be right?

Opinion by Lauren Southern

SA, if you change the laws to ‘make Jews subhuman’ would it be right?
SA, if you change the laws to 'make Jews subhuman' would it be right?

If you changed the laws of the land to ‘make Jews subhuman’? that still does not make it right. This was a point made by Lauren Southern in a recent interview with regard the proposed expropriation of land without compensation and the South African government’s attempts to make it a legal process. The racist hatred and incitement to violence against whites by black leaders and ruling ANC in South Africa is not dissimilar to the hatred drummed up by Hitler against minorities by creating the illusion that they are the enemy.

Theresa May, the Flemish government and other misinformed individuals who support this theft of land “just so long as it is done legally” are in fact condoning just such a heinous act. The land was never stolen from the blacks and this sentiment being driven by the left liberals and their mainstream media makes them complicit in the war being waged on white South Africans.

This blatant theft from whites based purely on their skin colour has finally been internationally highlighted in Trump’s tweet. The fact that it is unethical is indisputable and all world governments should call this out.

You simply can not change the laws and constitution of a country to suit your own political agenda and then try and justify it based on false information, the twisting of historical facts or by creating blatant lies that you sell to the uneducated masses.

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