Theresa May supports the ANC’s white land theft policy

Herstigte Nasionale Party press release

Theresa May supports the ANC’s white land theft policy
Theresa May supports the ANC's white land theft policy

The British Prime Minister, Ms Theresa May, who is currently visiting South Africa, confirmed, after she was confronted by a reporter, that she supported the ANC and Ramaphosa’s land theft policy.

The initial expectation was that Mrs May would not discuss the ANC’s land theft policy. Contrary to the fact that leading world countries such as Australia and the USA (and Mr Donald Trump, in particular) expressed their concerns about the ANC policy, the British Prime Minister has confirmed her support of Ramaphosa and the ANC.

Her condition is that it must be “legally” done. However Mrs May has not spelled out how to legalize theft.

This statement by the British Prime Minister not only confirms Britain’s support to the communist ANC regime, but also Britain’s ongoing enmity towards the Afrikaner people.

We should not forget that when the ANC and the Communist Party were banned by the then Afrikaner government to maintain law and order in South Africa, the ANC’s headquarters were based in London and that the ANC terrorist attacks were organized from that office.

The fact that Mrs May now approves the theft of the whites property, the whiteman and the Afrikaner can only make one conclusion:

The enmity of Britain towards the Afrikaner people was not terminated with the Peace of Vereeniging on 31 May 1902. But that this continues in the shape of Cyril Ramaphosa’s ANC.

Press release by Louis van der Schyff of the Herstigte Nasionale Party

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