Robbers crash after house robbery in Krugersdorp

Robbers crash after house robbery in Krugersdorp
Crashed Volvo after a house robbery in Krugersdorp.

During the early hours of Tuesday morning a resident was awoken by noises inside his house in Krugersdorp.

He went to check and found one suspect inside the house and he started wrestling with him thinking he would scare him off as his family was still in the house.

Unbeknown to him another four came for him and two tackled and assaulted him. He got away and locked himself and his wife in the main bedroom where he summoned for assistance. The five then made off with their Volvo car with the stolen loot that they had gathered.

Fortunately they did not quite know how to drive and then had an accident as you go underneath the highway to get onto the N14 and the Volvo landed on the roof.

They made off with the loot. We obviously do not know if they were injured during the accident but I am sure they will have a few scratches on them! Seems karma got to them quicker than they thought!

Source: Drift Reaction cc

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