6-year-old boy brutally murdered in the Northern Cape

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6-year-old boy brutally murdered in the Northern Cape
Photo South Africa Today.

The MEC for Transport, Safety and Liaison in the Northern Cape, Ms Pauline Williams, condemns the brutal killing of 6year old, Kutlwano Garesape, allegedly trying to protect his mother against an attacker.

“It is sad when a parent loses a child but it is even worse when a parent has to witness a brutal killing of her child in the view of another sibling in an attempt of trying to protect her. We have had enough of these killings and criminal behaviour in our communities.”

“This young boy who had the world and his future ahead of him, was forced in an extra ordinary way to show his mother love by paying the ultimate price. He showed true courage and bravery. This young soul in his mothers care and love for education should have not found himself in a such a compromising and fatal position.

Indeed, our hearts go out to the family, friends and the loving people of the Northern Cape, particularly of Jan Kempdorp.

Each and every person deserves to live in a safe and crime-free community without fear of criminals. This act was gruesome and unacceptable and crime needs all of us to stop it. We cant live in communities where we are afraid to walk , to work or to learn because of unscrupulous criminals who don’t deserve a place in our communities.

I am extremely shocked and disgusted at the brutal act of the perpetrator but I am pleased at the swift arrest of the suspect by police. Let us join hands to protect our children, women and stop these murders by working closely with the police and report crime especially during women month and beyond.

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