Schweizer Reneke school photo, parents to take legal action?

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Schweizer Reneke school photo goes viral, parents to take legal action?
Schweizer Reneke school photo goes viral, parents to take legal action?

On the morning of 9 January 2019 at 09:00 a primary school teacher of Schweizer Reneke Primary School in Northwest took a picture of a group of first year pupils arriving at school and sitting at tables waiting to be directed to their respective desks. A bit later she took a picture of the same group after the seating arrangements were done. The first picture showed 4 black children sitting alone at a table and a number of white children sitting at another table.

These pictures the teachers shared with the parents on a whatsapp group, to ensure them of the well being of their children.

One of the parents in the group decided to take the first picture out of context and place it on the social media with a complaint of racism in the class. The picture went viral and caused a storm of outrage on the social media by South Africans, who are now thoroughly sick and tired of racial issues being irresponsibly created left, right and centre.

Front National were approached by a number of parents indicating that they are extremely unhappy about the faces of their children appearing all over the world wide web and the social media and intends to take legal action against the parent who leaked the picture. This person, with no concern for the children or a teacher (who took the time despite her busy programme and obligations) to ensure parents of the well-being of their children, deliberately misrepresented the picture to incite even more racial hatred and tension in a society already flooded with it. Front National wishes to support the parents in this action and would also like to urge the School Governing Body to take legal action against the parent.

At the same time we strongly condemn the actions of politicians who are jumping at the opportunity to use this situation for their own benefit, irrespective of the consequences to the school, the teacher and the children whose memories of their first day of school were eternally spoiled by this. Before the actual facts of the case were known, the racism-obsessed Democratic Alliance already announced their intention to visit the school today.

This blatant and most inappropriate political opportunism is extremely condemnable.

What happened at that school yesterday was NOT a racist affair, it was NOT a political affair and it stands as a testimony of the failure of the multiculturalist state and the policies of the ANC government and the DA opposition that the situation should be turned into a political and a racist situation.

Front National finds this situation most distasteful.

Front National Press Release

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