DA sings the same anti white hatred tune as the EFF and BLF

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DA sings the same anti white hatred tune as the EFF and BLF
DA sings the same anti white hatred tune as the EFF and BLF. Photo's : FNSA

Over time, we got used to the racist hatred against whites by the EFF and BLF. But now it seems the DA is also singing from the same racist hymn page. And to stoop even lower, they even used young innocent children to score political points. Given the already jaded moral compass of the DA, it should serve as no surprise that the DA once again took a swipe at white people without any proof, similar to the Ashwin Willemse debacle.

The racial storm over the GrR kids at a school in Schweizer Reneke has caused a media storm. But the race baiting was initiated by a DA leader, Luyolo Mphithi.

The DA is attempting to cloud logic and facts by appealing to emotion through false accusations of racial discrimination. A favorite spin tactic of politicians used to manipulate people of low intelligence.

Instead of getting all the facts, the DA chose to selectively pick only one photo out of context to stir up the racial hatred against whites. Several photos were sent by the teacher to the parents whatsapp group, but the DA purposefully chose only one photo. If you compare the photos, it seems like the children had chosen to sit with their friends during break. Afterwards all the children sat together during class time. There was absolutely nothing sinister or racist about the whole incident.

To further add insult to injury, it is illegal to publish photos of minor children without the express permission from the parents. But hey, the DA do not let minor things like the law stand in their way to take a swipe at white people.

In their overzealous quest to garner black votes, the DA like to paint blacks as the eternal victims and to vilify whites to the detriment of innocent white people. In essence, black people should actually feel offended to be used as pawns to score political points.

The DA should be charged for inciting racial tension. Any white person who still votes for the DA must have their heads examined.

It is time we vote for our own. Get away from this madness. Vote for Self Determination. Vote FRONT NASIONAAL.

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