Coligny men’s conviction: ‘Eye witness’ admits he lied and was bribed

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Coligny men’s conviction: ‘Eye witness’ admits he lied and was bribed
Coligny men's conviction: 'Eye witness' admits he lied and was bribed. Photo: FNSA

Will the two Coligny men’s guilty conviction be set aside, given that the “eyewitness” is now blatantly acknowledging that he has lied and been bribed to give false testimony with the promise of a house?

Front National would like to see how the judicial system responds to this test and whether action will be taken against the “eyewitness” and the bribers … or is it considered to be far fetched as: Oh what, they are white, though we do not have evidence we assume they are racist anyway!

Where are the politicians like Maimane shouting blue murder here about racism? Deathly silence. As usual.

And of course, some of the people whose homes were burnt down in Coligny because of the protests and uprisings that have been instigated … by the testimony of an “eyewitness” who now admits he lied!

Front National is increasingly aware of how far this country is already down the drain and how absolutely indispensable a speedy mandate for self determination is.

Otherwise, tomorrow or you or i will be in prison based on an “eyewitness” testimony!

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