Malema, the ‘Cigarette Boss’, and R600 mill tax evasion

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Malema, the ‘Cigarette Boss’, and R600 mill tax evasion
Malema, the 'Cigarette Boss', and R600 mill tax evasion. Photo: Die Vryburger

Adriano Mazzotti, cigarette manufacturer and owner of Carnilinx, who has often been accused of smuggling in the tobacco industry, is renting out a luxury house in Hyde Park. The tenants are Julius Malema’s family, but the rates and conditions are according to “market-related” rent.

Mazzotti gave R200,000 to the EFF on the occasion of the party’s launch while Carnilinx director lent R1 million to Malema to meet his tax obligations.

SARS has now announced that it will investigate a possible illegal agreement between Tom Monyane and Carnilinx.

The investigation is to be about an alleged R600 million tax evasion.

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