Business robbery syndicate arrested in Phoenix

Phoenix Crime Watch

Business robbery syndicate arrested in Phoenix
Business robbers arrested in Phoenix Durban. Photo Phoenix Crime Watch

On Saturday an armed robbery took place in the Phoenix Industrial park area near Mount Royal.

A truck delivering stock to a warehouse was held up by 6 armed African males wielding pistols and 1 rifle.

The suspects arrived in 2 H1 Hyundai vehicles which they hired.

Three suspects were arrested near Mount Royal after fleeing from SAPS.

Phoenix Trio Crime unit and KZN VIP Task Team arrested the 3 suspects. One vehicle had been recovered not to far from the scene together with the stolen merchandise and unlicensed firearms.

Later in the day Phoenix Trio Crime Members together with KZN VIP Task Team working on information left the area of Phoenix and proceeded to Umlazi where the other 3 suspects were arrested and the 2nd vehicle were recovered.

The suspects are believed to have multiple business robbery and armed robbery cases opened against them.

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SOURCEPhoenix Crime Watch