‘I am going to come back and rape you all’

‘I am going to come back and rape you all’

Cape Town – “I am going to come back and rape you all.” These were the chilling words of a convicted serial rapist as he was led out of court on Tuesday.

Former council worker and choir master Madoda Allam’s angry threat to his victims came moments after he was handed a 68-year prison sentence.

The 42-year-old father was found guilty of all three counts of rape he faced.

He committed his sex attacks in and around Worcester, where he worked for the council.

On Tuesday, Allam appeared emotionless as Judge John Hlophe handed him his fate in the Worcester Circuit Court.

In sharp contrast, Allam’s victims were highly emotional, even shedding tears and crying out: “Jesus! Enkosi [thank you] Jesus!”

The women Allam had robbed and raped refused to speak to the media – except to say that they are “very happy” at the sentencing.

After the ruling, there were scenes of celebration as members of the public gallery hugged and congratulated Prosecutor Ntsoaki Mabilietse – of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions – on the stiff sentence.

Allam was sentenced to 10 years for each of the three rape charges.

He got 15 years each for two charges of robbery with aggravating circumstances.

The former choir master in the Zion Christian Church will serve an additional total of eight years for theft, sexual assault and pointing of a firearm.

Hlophe also ruled that Allam’s name will be added to the national sex offenders registry and that he may no longer own a firearm.

While handing down his sentence, Hlophe called Allam an evil man with no remorse.

“You showed no emotion, no feelings, no sympathy, no remorse. You are like a piece of wood. You are an evil person. I hope you rot in jail,” Hlophe told Allam…


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