How we can rid ourselves of State Capture and put Zuma in Jail

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland

How we can rid ourselves of State Capture and put Zuma in Jail
President Jacob Zuma Photo: Ashraf Hendricks / Groundup

The Public Protector’s (PP) office should be abolished. Under Thuli Madonsela, the office did brilliant work, even under difficult circumstances and with a lot of obstruction from the ZANC side and the office deliberately being kept underfunded by the ZANC.

That is the reason that Thuli’s State Capture investigation started late, she did not have money to start it. Eventually Pravin Gordhan, as Finance Minister, made money available and she could start. She did not have sufficient time before her term ran out and therefore she made a brilliant move.

She recommended a full judicial commission of inquiry, chaired by a judge appointed by Judge Mogoeng, not by the main suspect in the investigation, the President of the country.

But as long as Thuli Madonsela was in her office, I don’t think a single significant recommendation was ever implemented and accepted without a fightback and delaying tactics by ZANC. So she investigated, made the correct findings and recommendations, just for that be ignored and not implemented.

People approached the PP, as she was the only trustworthy person in government.
The PP’s office is not actually supposed to do criminal investigations, that is the responsibility of the Police and NPA, but again, those institutions are captured by the very same people responsible for the state capture of SOE’s, which is nothing else than state criminality.

Busisiwe Mkhwebane has now turned the PP’s office into an extension of the Saxonwold Shebeen. Yes, she will tell you that she is not a Zupta puppet, but she is. She is a former spy, and spies act with a sleight of hand, undercover and trying to deceive you all the time. But a puppet she is.

Take Mkhwebane’s finding on the Absa lifeboat.

Mkhwebane is actually recommending state control of banks. She is proving that she is a Zupta puppet on a string because what she is actually trying to do is giving the Zupta cabal access to a State bank, because the commercial banks cut off banking facilities to the Guptas, due to massive criminal activity by them.

So what to do? Get disheartened and accept that things will inevitably go the way ZimBOBwe went?

Not by a long shot. Obstacles like these can be overcome. We privatize the PP’s, Police’s and NPA’s job out to those who have the ability and the willingness to do the job.

OUTA and Afriforum have stepped up. OUTA has begun hiring forensic accountants and lawyers, and Afriforum is supporting Gerrie Nel’s private prosecutions team, which will be strengthened by another two senior prosecutors from the NPA soon. An ex-commander of the SAPS Serious and Violent Crimes unit, Genl Sharon Schutte, is heading up investigations for the team. Paul O’Sullivan and his assistant, lawyer Sarah Jane Trent, are assisting as well.

It can be done, on one condition, that they can be crowdfunded. So join me in these efforts. I have joined both Afriforum and OUTA as a contributing member. You only contribute what you can afford, and at the same time, you become and active citizen. Remember, it is also important that these organizations have a lot of members, to show they have broad support.

You can become part of the crowdfunding and stop the looting of the State, or you can do nothing and get a continuation of the looting and as a result, pay higher taxes and get diminished retirement funds when you retire one day.

Don’t think you can escape the effects of the wholesale looting of the State. We have already hit junk status, with the highest unemployment ever. More unemployment leads to more crime and murders.

So let’s unite and do this. Let us do what has to be done.

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland

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