Iris Potgieter hijacked, beaten to death whilst delivering a TV in Dewetsdorp township

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Iris Potgieter hijacked, beaten to death whilst delivering a TV in Dewetsdorp township
Iris Potgieter hijacked, beaten to death whilst delivering a TV in Dewetsdorp township

A week ago Postmasburg’s milk delivery man, Andries de Klerk (57), was attacked and thrown with a stone against his head by youths whilst delivering milk in the black township of Postmasburg – he died the next day – and now a 64 year old grandmother of Dewetsdorp in the Free State has been brutally beaten to death during a vehicle hijacking whilst she was in the black township of Dewetsdorp to take a TV set to somebody there.

Clearly “our people” have declared black areas as no-go zones and death acres for white people and this whilst the ANC and the liberal world establishment fought so long and hard to have “apartheid” abolished.

Iris Potgieter (64), was brutally murdered, and possibly also raped, in the black township of Dewetsdorp. She had transported a TV set to somebody in the township on Wednesday afternoon 25 August 2021, when she was attacked on her way back.

She was beaten with a blunt object against her head. Her body was later found in a field. Her vehicle is still missing.

She was driving a very old red City Golf with registration number CNF842MP, which was barely running. Yet she was murdered for it.

The couple Annie Liebenberg (62) and Michel Zantow (64) was also brutally murdered last weekend in Sasolburg. They were brutally hacked to death with axes.

Police arrested their black gardener and an accomplice in connection with the murders. The motive for the attack was robbery.

The 82 year old Flo Schwartz was also murdered by her black gardener in her home in East London about a week ago. Robbery was also established as the motive.


Why are white people seemingly still under the impression that it is not dangerous to go into a black township alone?
What is a white sickly female doing alone in a black township?
Yes according to her she was being a Samaritan and all that. But the young black barbarians in the township did not get that memo.
It appears as if white folk, especially the elderly, are easily indoctrinated by the liberal mass media that we live in a peaceful ” rainbow nation” whilst it is clearly just a big lie.

Warnings have been sent out on a regular basis that it is becoming increasingly deadly to appoint black workers in your garden and house because the white employers get attacked and murdered by these black workers on a regular basis. Whole white families have been murdered by their black garden and house workers before. So why still do it?

It has also been proven on numerous occasions that black farm workers are the ones giving out detailed information to farm attackers. That is why farm attackers are always so well informed about the movements of white farmers and their families.

The reality is that there is a lot of incitement by black political leaders from the ANC and EFF against white people. This is causing hate and resentment amongst black people against white people which lead them to believe that white people are legitimate targets for attacks.
The hate mongering against us white people leads to the fact that we are seen as less than human and that it is actually justified that we are stolen from.

The liberal mass media also maintains the worldwide anti-white narrative which largely contribute to the same problem.
We can just look at the statistics of tens of thousands of white people who have been murdered by attackers from the black majority since the ANC started to rule South Africa.

Unfortunately many white people, especially the elderly, will still die for their gardens and lawns or because they want to be Mother Theresa type do-gooders.

It seems old habits die hard and the white community is very resistant to changing old habits. It is incumbent upon children to warn their parents against appointing black house and garden workers because chances are good you will be attacked and murdered by them eventually.

It is time to wake up to the reality that a slow war is being fought against us white minority as a racial group.

We are the targets of daily violent attacks emanating from the black majority and also on the receiving end of numerous laws discriminating against us on the basis of race.

It is high time to realise charity starts at home and that we will have to return to our own people to provide goods and services, and trade with our own people, if we want to live and not be murdered in this country.

#BlackWar continues.

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