Elderly Sasolburg couple hacked to death with an axe in robbery plot, gardener involved

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Elderly Sasolburg couple hacked to death with an axe in robbery plot, gardener involved
Elderly Sasolburg couple hacked to death with an axe in robbery plot, gardener involved

Another elderly white couple have been brutally murdered by their black gardener, this time in Sasolburg. This latest atrocity was clearly motivated by greed. Two harmless elderly people have been brutally murdered just to steal a few meagre possessions from them even through the attackers were employed by their victims.

Just imagine the heartless souls of these people who can do this to people who fed and employed them on a daily basis.

The butchered bodies of the elderly couple were discovered in 2 different places on Sunday night 22 August 2021 and Monday morning 23 August 2021, respectively.

Yolanda Liebenberg became concerned on Sunday because she saw that neither her mother, Annie Liebenberg (62), or her husband, Michel Zantow (64), were active on WhatsApp since Friday.

The family called the Police to their house. Annie’s body was found in a storeroom outside the house. Her hands were tied and she was hacked to death with an axe.

Zantow could not be found and his vehicle was also gone. Police began to search for the vehicle and spotted the vehicle later Sunday evening in the Zamdela township outside Sasolburg. Police chased the vehicle but three black male suspects managed to run away. The suspects also fired shots at police officers.

Police did a follow up operation and managed to arrest 2 of the suspects on Monday morning. One of the suspects was the murdered couple’s gardener.

Police then made another gruesome discovery when they discovered Mr Zantow’s body at another house where his late mother once stayed. Police now suspect that the attackers, who had inside knowledge of the murdered couple’s affairs, first tricked Mr Zantow to go to his late mother’s house where they set up an ambush and murdered him before going to attack Mrs Liebenberg.

The suspects in the matter will appear in the Sasolburg magistrates court on Wednesday.


These type of brutal murders by black gardeners on their white employers are happening on a regular basis and whole white families have been wiped out by their black gardeners before. Just about a week ago the 82 year old Flo Schwartz was also murdered by her black gardener in East London.

Warnings are sent out on a regular basis that white people should stop the practice to appoint black gardeners because it is so dangerous and can end up with the most tragic of results, yet white people, especially the elderly, are proving the fact that white people don’t change their ways easily, even if it is now abundantly clear that their traditional ways can kill them.

Why are we white people so resistant to change?
Why don’t we learn from experience and amend our ways accordingly?
Is it a case of believing ” it will never happen to me”?
Is it a case of believing “this is how it was always done”?
Is it a case of we are too lazy to do our own work?

Is it a case of believing that because we pray on a regular basis, nothing bad will ever happen to us?

In short, did we become indoctrinated by bad habits and a traditional belief system? At what point do we actually wake up and smell the coffee that has gone ice cold like the bodies of tens of thousands of white people who have been murdered since the start of black majoritarian rule by the ANC in what can only be described as a slow black-on-white genocide?

Remember, these are people who look like us and speak the same language as us. It could be anyone of us next.
Whatever the case may be, it seems that many people, especially the elderly, are still going to die for their plants and lawn in South Africa because they live in total oblivion to what is happening around them.

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