Andries De Klerk (57) stoned to death whilst delivering milk to black township, Postmasburg

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Andries De Klerk (57) stoned to death whilst delivering milk to black township, Postmasburg
Andries De Klerk (57) stoned to death whilst delivering milk to black township, Postmasburg

A milk delivery man from Postmasburg, Andries de Klerk (57), died in hospital on Wednesday August 18, 2021 after he was hit with a stone thrown at him whilst delivering milk in the township Marantheng.

Police are investigating a murder case. De Klerk was on his way home after delivering milk in the township when his vehicle was hit with stones thrown by black youths.

Police have information that De Klerk got out of his vehicle to see if there is damage when he was hit with another stone which seriously injured him.

De Bruin said the Police are looking for 3 young black males from the township who can be linked to the attack.


This was clearly a racially motivated attack and clearly De Klerk was targeted because he is white. The hatred against white people is stoked on a daily basis by politicians from the ANC and EFF. This hatred is also promoted by liberal mass media which has bought into the worldwide anti-white movement.

This brutal attack once again shows how sick and warped this fourth world country South Africa has become. White people can be brutally murdered just because they are white and there is barely a whimper.

Just imagine if whites did the same to blacks, Postmasburg would have been burned to the ground. There would have been mindless violence. Even such a trivial thing as a hair advert can cause the EFF to go on a rampage. In short the black majority don’t see themselves as bound by any rules. They see it as their #BlackPrivilege to do just what they want.

“Our people”, as the black majority of South Africa refer to themselves, are coming into the neighbourhoods where we live as minorities everyday and we don’t attack and murder them.

They even get onto private property like farms and act as if they own it, like for instance hunt with their dogs and our farmers are helpless to do anything, even though they get attacked and murdered on a daily basis.

But as soon as a white person enters a black township they are attacked or worse murdered.

This happens very often so white people will have to ask themselves why some of us still risk their lives to enter these black townships which have clearly been declared as no go zones.

Liberal media is going to ignore this racially motivated murder again so pls share this report everywhere you can. The only recourse we have as a minority is to use alternative news sites and social media to report the unfolding crisis.

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