Farm attack and murder: Mariandra Heunis under attack again

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Farm attack and murder: Mariandra Heunis under attack again
Farm attack and murder: Mariandra Heunis under attack again. Photo: FNSA

Mariandra Heunis who, at the time heavily pregnant, survived a farm attack in which her husband was brutally murdered, last week recorded a video message to the world, in response to Ramaphosa’s cowardly and misleading denial of farm attacks. She is now under attack again.(see this video at the end of the article)

This time she is the victim of an equally cruel example of emotional terrorism by a certain Moruti Thabile Thabang Malapane. His statement on the social media is so full of revenge, hate and inaccuracies that, however much you look at it, there is absolutely nothing acceptable about it. (See attached photo at bottom of article).

We would like to respond to his statement and invite him to clarify a number of things for us:


1) “I think they shouldn’t (sic) have spared you and your 6 years (sic) baby”

Could you please explain to us whether it is acceptable in the African custom and culture to kill women and children? If this is in fact the case that such a barbaric way of life is customary, it helps us to understand why rape, torture and murder in townships like Khayelitsha is completely out of hand. It will also help us to understand why you and your government can claim that such acts are simply part of a “crime wave” in South Africa. But it is not, is it? It is the result of a custom and culture lacking in basic human decency, empathy and honour in which the life of a person is given into the hands of another person. “…have spared you…” implies giving a God-like power to a murderer, and that cannot be acceptable in any civilized society, apart, apparently, from yours.

2) “… the hatred you caused Africans towards you (sic) people…”

It is stretching it very far to argue that this perceived “hatred caused” is a justification for the acts committed against white farmers and their families day in and day out. If we judge by that caveat, the white community has the full right to a similar hatred and retribution as a result of the murder, rape and robbery committed against us, the threat of expropriation of our property, the impoverishment of our nation through your incompetent, corrupt and revengeful government and its policies of BEE and Affirmative Action. If white people start murdering black mothers and their children because of this “hatred caused” – exactly where do you think we will end up?

3) “…look, have you recorded the same things when Africans were being killed and the excuse is that they were mistaken to be monkeys…”

Please explain to us how you propose to sell this obvious propaganda against white people to a civilized, thinking and fairly intelligent world. The propaganda boer people have always been hunters. They hunted game for food, they’d hunt a hippopotamus for the fat to make soap or candles, a lion or jackal for the skin etc. But never, ever monkeys, because there is no use for a dead monkey. We therefore challenge you to quote to us one single news report, court testimony or in fact anything over the last 300 years where any person was ever accused, charged with, convicted or admitted to shooting a black person thinking he was a monkey. Just one.

You cannot – because if a man’s eyesight is good enough to shoot at and hit a monkey, his eyesight should be good enough to notice when that “monkey” is wearing clothes or has no tail. Apart from that – monkeys live in trees, Africans, as far as I know, do not.

It is almost laughable, isn’t it, the obsession these days in the black community about “monkeys”. Could you explain that to us as well, please- while you’re at it now.

This is a typical example of the racially loaded, hatred inciting hocus-pocus spread as facts in your community. Without any proof. We challenge you to provide evidence of this preposterous statement.

4) “…remember Tereblanch (sic), how many Africans has he killed and what about it…”

You tell us how many he allegedly killed, because according to all records he was never accused, charged or prosecuted with a single murder. Not one. In fact, if you remember correctly, he was the one who was murdered on his farm – by a black person! Another example of the poppycock rumours and rethoric spread around in the black community to incite hatred and murder against white people. You are welcome to prove us wrong.

5) “…and we never cried to anyone…”

You damned well never stopped. Exactly a century ago, at the Peace negotiations in Paris after the First World War the first black delegation showed up from South Africa to complain about how badly they were treated. And from there on, you never stopped complaining, boycotting, burning and striking and destroying. Your ANC leaders in exile, such as Thabo Mbeki, never once stopped complaining and addressing the international community. For a full century not a single day went past without you complaining.
The irony is – over the last 25 years you’ve been complaining harder and louder than ever before, about your own rule! You’ve been in power for 25 years and you’ve done nothing but corrupt, bankrupt and loot this country and created a crime-infested slaughterhouse in your own townships! Do you honestly believe that any remotely intelligent nation will believe that a minority of 8%, who lost all political power a quarter of a century ago, can still be responsible for what is going on in this country?

6) “…karma is a bitch…”

White South Africans do not believe in karma. It is a Buddhist concept claiming that the bad you do comes back to haunt you. We believe in individual responsibility according to the teachings of Christ.
Apparently, however, you do not believe in the responsibility of the individual to respect, tolerate and love another, otherwise blankets statements such as “you people” would not have been used in your attack on Mariandra Heunis.
If, indeed, you believe in karma, we shudder to think what is coming your way for voicing your opinion about how Mariandra and her child should have been murdered. You have reason to be a very worried man – karma might be coming your way as well, don’t you think?

You may believe yourself to be a big-shot launching an attack on a woman who already suffered trauma almost beyond human endurance. In fact you are only emphasizing what more and more people around the world are realizing – our cultures are so irreconcilable that we cannot find common ground. In your statement there is not an ounce of goodwill, yet you demand respect and tolerance from the very same people Mariandra and her family represents.

You are asking too much. And we have come to the point of saying: No. We refuse to keep trying at the cost of our lives and our blood. The multiculturalist South Africa is not worth that much.

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