In this video by AfriForum we see Mariandra Heunis, whose husband was murdered in front of her and their young daughter, in a farm attack in 2016, directing a message to President Cyril Ramaphosa and the citizens of the USA regarding the crisis surrounding farm murders in South Africa. Ramaphosa recently casually and blatantly lied to the world and media in New York by saying there are no farm murders in South Africa. Mariandra’s husband was shot six time during such an attack and there are countless documented reports of these atrocities.

The ANC government is blatantly denying the existence of these attacks and the message needs to be continually be put out there. Mariandra asks the people of America to please help share this message. Donald Trump tweet about South Africa has been played down by the government, yet all the facts are starring the world in the face.

South Africa Today – South Africa Media