Eyes of the world and Trump are on ANC’s disastrous dash to expropriation

Opinion by FF Plus

Eyes of the world and Trump are on ANC’s disastrous dash to expropriation
Eyes of the world and Trump are on ANC’s disastrous dash to expropriation

While dark clouds are gathering on the horizon for South Africa and there is an ominous feeling that all social cohesion is going to disappear due to expropriation without compensation, the ANC government must know that the eyes of the world and Donald Trump are fixed on them.

The ANC and the EFF have made it very clear that expropriation without compensation is aimed against white people, probably as some sort of vengeance. I want to issue a serious warning today: what you are busy with is nothing but a form of racism and racism in an international crime.

The ANC and the EFF will pay for what they are doing. The entire process followed by the Constitutional Review Committee to determine whether expropriation without compensation is viable or not is fundamentally flawed.

The ANC is misleading the people when it says that the law will be finalised before the elections. The only way to achieve that is to take illegal shortcuts and the FF Plus will keep an eye out for such dishonesty.

Investors are also keeping a close eye on what is currently happening in South Africa. With the amendments made to the Copyright Act and the Performers’ Protection Act on 5 December 2018, investors already indicated that they are ready to leave the country, specifically due to expropriation without compensation.

President Donald Trump is one of the people keeping a close eye on South Africa and, thanks to the ANC government, there is no doubt that the country will soon be kicked out of the AGOA agreement with America.

Maybe it is time for Trump to tweet on the matter again, because apparently the ANC government is more concerned about what Trump has to say than what the EFF has to say and that is probably because the ANC knows what will happen if America were to take steps against South Africa.

The entire developed world is opposed to expropriation without compensation and supports the free market economic policy, which the FF Plus is also advocating as it will benefit everyone in the country.

The ANC is in for a rude awakening if it continues down the path of expropriation without compensation as in the end, it will be the biggest loser.

When the EFF says things like: “white people’s time is up”, it is the government’s responsibility to ask what is meant by the statement. Are they threatening to kill white people and take their land? Should that come to pass, the blood will be on the government’s hands and it will have to bear the consequences.

The ANC must wake up and take note of what is happening in our country. Instead, the ruling party is behaving in a dangerously populist manner because it is afraid that it might lose the elections next year.

It is a very dangerous game that could plunge the entire country into utter chaos.

The FF Plus, along with all the other rational people in South Africa, is pleading for peace and prosperity. The party is thus very concerned as the ANC’s behaviour could easily spiral out of control.

That must be avoided at all costs, so join forces with the FF Plus and let’s make sure that the ANC is defeated at the polls in 2019.

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