Expropriation of Land Equals Poverty

Expropriation of Land Equals Poverty

Poverty in South Africa is due to bad leadership, the self-styled profound stupidity of leaders is highly dangerous. The government employs uneducated, unproductive pathetic councilors and managers. The economic problems are not based on land reform and the major obstacle to growth is the African National Congress (ANC) ruling party. The self-seeking premiers, anxious mayors and sluggish managers promising free land, electricity, water, education and other benefits are not strategies for growth. The change must be from consumption to production, and human intelligence will identify with what is important.

When radical youth keep demanding, and corrupt politicians continue to promise freebies, inspiration is missing. To inspire citizens and generate growth, remains lost as the selfish leaders continue to escape the reality of poverty. Fundamental growth and transformation will fail when the moral quality of leaders remain corrupt.

Political parties that promise handouts continue to distribute poverty. Giving away land that will remain dormant and not productive does not contribute economic growth. In South Africa, farms given to other cultural groups have turned into disasters. Once flourishing farms, contributing to the food security of the country now stand barren.

The government has invested millions into aspiring black farmers, yet there is a constant failure. The once rich fertile farm land turned into a desolate wasteland. It could take years to cultivate and turn the barren land into a thriving farm again. Does the government have the ability to ensure farmland does not turn into discarded land?

The prospect of owning land is another empty promise given to gullible people by aspiring young politicians. These politicians must inspire people to become productive and contribute to the growth of the country. When handouts are continuously given to people, it creates a dependency on government to sustain communities. Government grants become a heavy burden to bear and do not contribute to efficiency.

Bad leadership is the cause of problems arising in South Africa. Expropriation of land without compensation is the theme politicians use to gain support. The masses are brainwashed into believing that freedom will only be accomplished when the land is taken back. Land reform is to slow for many and waiting for politicians to amend laws causes revolutionary groups to entice intimidation.

The expropriation of land in South Africa according to Julius Malema leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party is to take away white-owned land and give it to blacks. The whole land reform process is in a complete mess at the moment in comparison to former expropriation claims. The government does not know exactly how much land is owned by the state or white people. A 2012 land survey revealed there was more land belonging to the government than what was stated. The 41 percent of land given to homelands in the apartheid era was not included in the government calculation.

According to Malema giving back the land to blacks would solve South Africa’s problems. It is preposterous and would lead the country into becoming another poor African state. If the problems of failing government in Africa does not inspire the leaders of South Africa to reform, all hope will be lost.

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