‘Operation Fiela II’ in KWT cluster arrests more than 100 suspects

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‘Operation Fiela II’ in KWT cluster arrests more than 100 suspects
Operation Fiela II in KWT cluster arrests more than 100 suspects

Over the past weekend of 29 July 2018, police embarked in Operation Fiela II focusing on crime prevention and arresting those who break the law in their policing. The operation started on Friday 10h00 till early hours on Monday 02h00.

Police were on foot patrol doing stop and search, roadblocks were also conducted in the areas and they managed to arrest more than one hundred suspects aged between 24 and 53 years for crimes ranging from possession of suspected stolen vehicle, business burglary, pointing of a firearm, attempted murder, possession of an unlicensed firearm, dealing in liquor, drunkenness, possession of stolen property, common robbery, common assault, housebreaking and Theft.

Twenty of the hundred suspects were arrested for drunken driving with the assistance of the traffic officials. This send a strong message to the drivers that they must think twice before they take the last drink and that they must stop to drive under the influence of alcohol.

When Police were busy with stop and search they managed to arrest suspects with dagga in their possession and other drugs including 68 mandrax tablets and 20 parcels of dagga that were found abandoned.

Police also recovered an Opel Corsa from Ginsberg that was hijacked at Khayelitsha, Cape Town in July 2018 and suspect was arrested. All dangerous weapons were confiscated by Police as part of crime prevention duties.

These suspects are due to appear at different Magistrate courts.

King William’s Town Cluster Commander Brigadier Luntu Ngubelanga said Police are committed in fighting crime and in full force in tracking down the perpetrators of crime. We will keep on doing stop and search and roadblocks to prevent crime in our area. He also thanked the community for sharing valuable information with SAPS and encouraged them to report any criminal activities to 08600 10111.

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