Nicci Partners with PinkDrive for Employee Wellness

Nicci Partners with PinkDrive for Employee Wellness
PinkDrive Day 2. Niki Breger

Johannesburg, 27 May 2024 – Nicci Boutiques has partnered with PinkDrive, a non-profit organisation, to provide its employees with the opportunity to prioritise and protect their health and well-being through breast examinations.

Pink Revolution Campaign

Following Nicci’s successful Breast Awareness campaign last year, where the leading fashion retailer donated 10% of proceeds on all pink items to PinkDrive, the non-profit organisation decided to offer Nicci the opportunity to provide complimentary breast examinations to its staff, as part of its employee wellness initiative.

Raising over R50 000 for PinkDrive, a non-profit organisation that delivers much-needed services to remote and disadvantaged areas, through the #NicciGivesBack campaign, Nicci continues to prove that it is a human-focused brand that values people over profit.

Female Empowerment

Since the campaign, PinkDrive and Nicci have continued with their recently formed partnership to promote and encourage female health.

Taking yet another fashionable stride in the right direction, Nicci decided to also focus on the wellbeing of its team members by introducing PinkDrive’s free breast examinations, as part of a larger employee wellness initiative that is being rolled out.

The Nicci brand is more than just a fashion-forward boutique. Behind the stylish brand is a soul that resonates with strong, empowered women. In turn, the brand focuses on uplifting and empowering women wherever possible. “By facilitating opportunities such as PinkDrive’s breast examinations, we are ensuring the women in our Nicci family are empowered, informed, and protected,” explains Niki Breger, Co-Founder of Nicci.

Employee Wellness

Focusing on wellness development, Nicci plans to continue to implement various employee initiatives to create a sense of community and enable all team members to feel healthy, strong, and confident.

“We believe that a company that encourages healthy habits creates a positive work environment that fosters creativity and positivity, ultimately increasing productivity. By assisting employees with the implementation of healthy habits, we aim to improve staff retention, morale, and customer service, while improving efficiencies and teamwork,” says Niki.

By providing employees with the necessary tools and information, Nicci is creating a nurturing environment that looks to protect the health and well-being of its staff members.



Life-centric Approach

“Nicci is proud to have fostered a healthy work-life balance and created an atmosphere of belonging,” concludes Niki.

Adopting a life-centric approach has enabled Nicci to move past the noise and focus on what matters most, its people, its community, its tribe – both internal and external.

Nicci Partners with PinkDrive for Employee Wellness
Nicci Partners with PinkDrive for Employee Wellness

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