Accessible new career development avenue opens up for SA teachers

Accessible new career development avenue opens up for SA teachers
Accessible new career development avenue opens up for SA teachers. Image source: Pixabay

South African teachers face several challenges on the personal and professional development front, which hinders them from progressing in their careers as leaders and managers. Topping the challenges that face them, are time and money, which are both needed to further their qualifications.

Addressing this challenge is ADvTECH, SA’s leading private higher education provider, which recently launched the Occupational Certificate: School Principal, offered via their distance learning college, Oxbridge Academy.

“The importance of accessible development opportunities for South African teachers cannot be overstated,” says Siyavuya Makubalo, Marketing Manager at Oxbridge Academy.

“Our teachers are tasked with raising the leaders of the future, however they themselves seldom have the opportunity to reach their full potential and become leaders themselves. When teachers have the chance to engage in professional development, it directly impacts not only the quality of teaching and learning they deliver in the classroom, but also their personal career trajectories and self-fulfilment.”

Makubalo says the purpose of the new occupational certificate is to prepare teachers to learn how to operate as a school manager.

“School managers lead, plan, develop and manage developed systems for effective and efficient delivery of quality education by ensuring the implementation and support of a value-driven ethos for quality teaching.”

“Teachers need to learn to lead and manage teaching and learning in a school; plan and manage the resources of the school; establish, lead and manage the relationship between and the impact of the internal and external community for the development of the school, and develop self and others through life-long learning to deliver quality teaching and learning.”

The benefit of continuing professional development via distance learning, is that time-and-finance-stretched teachers can affordably study at their own pace while working and taking care of their loved ones, says Makubalo.

“We believe this will be a game-changer for teachers in general, and also the skills complement in South African schools in particular, which is so desperately needed,” she says.

The Occupational Certificate: School Principal is NQF Level 6 accredited by the QCTO, and is also SAQA accredited.

It includes Knowledge Modules, Practical Skills Modules, as well as Work Experience Modules.

Knowledge Modules include an introduction to education leadership, management and administration in a changing education landscape; curriculum management and adaptation for holistic development of learners; human resources development, empowerment and support of all school communities; financial and asset management, and institutional management and administration.

Practical Skill Modules provide exposure and opportunities for developing leadership and management competencies based on case studies, scenarios and reflective practice. These modules include leading and managing the development of a school strategic plan; managing teaching and learning; managing and using data to improve learner achievements; leading and managing continuous improvement of curriculum delivery; financial management, school asset maintenance, human resources management and stakeholder engagement.

Work Experience Modules take place in the operational environment of the school. These modules cover strategic planning processes and procedures; effective curriculum delivery, financial and supply chain management; asset management processes and procedures; HR development and management, and stakeholder engagement.

Teachers with a teacher’s qualification and three years managerial experience in the education and training environment are eligible for the course.

“In an ever-changing education landscape, teachers need to constantly sharpen their skills. We are delighted to be able to assist teachers who are serious about their own and their learners’ education, to grow personally and professionally,” says Makubalo.