#Blackwar intensifies: Black on white attacks – Roll call of victims – Week report – South Africa

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#Blackwar intensifies: Black on white attacks – Roll call of victims – Week report – South Africa
#Blackwar intensifies: Black on white attacks - Roll call of victims - Week report - South Africa

Nobody does these reports, certainly not liberal mainstream media, but there is a pattern here. Imagine if this was the violence committed by white people towards blacks in South Africa, the country would burn to the ground and it would be all over CNN and all other international TV networks. At the moment, we can’t even get South African TV stations and newspapers to report on all these brutal black-on-white murders and assaults. And if such a report is made by liberal media, they don’t mention the race of the attackers.

We know the bias, we know who owns TV stations and other liberal mainstream media outlets in South Africa and the world that preach BLM and subscribe to George Soros’s Globalist revolution but ignore brutal black-on-white violence in South Africa.

Whilst liberal media pushes a narrative (black man good, white man bad), the facts should be mentioned somewhere, so here it is:

– Glen (63) and Vida (60) Rafferty were executed in an apparent assassination hit on their farm at Normandien (KZN) around 22.00 on Saturday 29 August, 2020. They were shot on arrival after an evening out. Nothing of value was taken, so it was not a robbery.

Five black male attackers broke down the door of farmer Hilton Dowdall’s house, stabbed him to death and also tied up his wife on a farm at Summerveld, KZN on Thursday evening 27 August, 2020. The attackers fled with a TV, 2 cellphones and a firearm.

Comrades marathon winner Nick Bester (60) was stalked from behind and brutally kicked, beaten with a stone in his face and whipped with his own revolver whilst out hiking in the Magaliesberg mountains north of Pretoria on Sunday 30 August, 2020. The attackers forced Bester to give his bank card and pin and they even stripped him of his clothes. He was admitted to an ICU ward in hospital with head wounds, a broken cheek bone, three broken ribs and cuts and bruises all over his body.

Liz Coetzee (68) and her house worker were brutally attacked on Thursday 27 August during a house robbery carried out by three black men in their house at Reitz in the Free State . Liz was strangled so hard that she almost passed out and her hands tied so tightly with cable ties that people struggled to get it off after the attack. The attackers also wrapped brown box tape over Liz’s mouth and eyes and also gagged, stabbed and beaten her house worker with a hammer. The attackers ransacked the house whilst looking for valuables and left with what they could carry

A home invasion took place on 28 August 2020, at 03:00, in Lakefield, Benoni, in Gauteng province . Three armed attackers invaded a home and sexually assaulted two female victims and cut a male victim with razor blades in the face. The attackers ransacked the home and fled with items including jewelry. ( No other details could be found in media)

A farm attack took place on 29 August 2020, at 21:00, in Gerhardsville, near Centurion, Pretoria, Gauteng . A man, Stan, went outside to investigate after the fence alarm was activated. He was shot by an attacker in the leg and pelvis. There were 3 black men involved in the attack.

Sonja van der Merwe, her 19 year old daughter and three small sons were attacked by a group of seven panga wielding black men on a farm in the Hartbeespoort area, Gauteng on Wednesday evening 26 August around 1800. It was one of 4 farm attacks in the area in 2 days, suspected to be the same panga wielding gang. Sonja and the children were detained and one attacker said he would chop Sonja’s finger off to get her ring but luckily she got the ring off herself and handed it over. The group of attackers fled with the family’s car and left with various items, including jewelry, cellphones and a computer. The gang fled on foot after crashing Sonja’s Kia Sportage into the farm gate.

Andre Marais (54) is lucky to be alive after he was shot two times in one leg and eight times in the other leg during a farm attack by three black men on his farm in the Rysmierbult area in Potchefstroom early on Tuesday evening 25 August, 2020.
His main artery in his leg was also shot off. Andre’s worker was first overpowered in his house about 100 metres from the farm house and his worker screamed for help. Andre’s dogs began to bark and Andre went out with a firearm to investigate. He was shot outside and his firearm was taken by the 3 attackers.

These are not the only attacks, there are others for sure. What else wait in the following week? Please share so people could be more aware and informed of what is happening in South Africa.

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