#BlackWar – How the South African establishment is rigged to promote violence aimed at decimating minorities

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#BlackWar – How the South African establishment is rigged to promote violence aimed at decimating minorities
#BlackWar - How the South African establishment is rigged to promote violence aimed at decimating minorities

The title is a mouthful and can actually be described in one word – #BlackWar.

Everyday we see daily burning, looting and the violent destruction of infrastructure by black masses in South Africa . Interestingly we are starting to see the same type of mindless violence by BLM mobs in places like America and Europe as well. We have become used to it, it is like a feature of South African society like boerewors and rugby. The mainstream media euphemistically call it “service delivery protests” even though the rioters even destroy their own clinics, libraries, schools, transport buses, trains and even attack fire trucks dispatched to help when a fire breaks out.

Nobody is ever arrested and successfully convicted for this mindless violence and so it carries on with impunity. Coupled with these “service delivery protests” we are entering the phase of Zimbabwean style land grabs with mobs of land invaders taking open land wherever they want. The land grabbers nowadays come with land moving equipment, level the ground and then organizers sell plots to the local black population indicating the presence of organized for – profit syndicates, yet the law is seldomly upheld and in this way new permanent squatter camps rise up all over the show, many a time next to highways. We all know this right? But what is the bigger picture behind this?

The bigger picture behind this is African culture, the promotion of their own at the expense of others, their self justification to take and conquer with sheer numbers.

We are talking about more than random occurrences, this is ethnic warfare spread out over time, a long March and conquest to dominate and take everything they want because they believe they are entitled to take everything they see, this is #BlackWar.

This is a societal reality, the practitioners are aided by liberals who believe they are do-gooders and hard Left black nationalists like the ANC and the EFF who know exactly what they are doing. The ANC’s National Democratic Revolution policy framework (NDR) also directs that all influential positions in society, including judges, should be filled by ANC sympathizers so that their ideology can be implemented across the board.

Somehow mainstream media is completely captured by liberal ideology which at the moment is aimed at creating a globalist world without borders. This Liberal/Globalist Alliance is very anti white in nature and is not above justifying violence like used by BLM and Antifa.
The violence – is – working belief system is being implemented right across the spectrum of black society whether it is used by taxi bosses to achieve monetary objectives or black unions ” negotiating” better wages.

#BlackWar is everywhere, it is to find in farm and home invasion attacks where the most inhumane violence and torture methods are used to take possessions but also to intimidate white farmers to leave their land.

A case study in #BlackWar is to be found in the Western Cape which is majority populated by brown (Khoisan descendants) and white people but where a massive black Xhosa population migration is taking place from the Eastern Cape to the Western Cape. This is not a mere natural movement of people, this is #BlackWar illustrated.

There is a specific pattern and there is a clear organizational structure behind it, probably local ANC and EFF leaders. It is a prime example of how socialist policies like providing child grants, but no jobs, have caused a population explosion among the black population to the detriment of brown and white minorities who are facing a total wipe-out in the long term.

In short #BlackWar goes like this:

Massive numbers of invaders would enter open land ,many times near highways or on nature conservation land and set up plots. Of course there is no services like water and electricity, so in no time the inhabitants will start to employ a deliberate campaign of violence like stoning cars and trucks on the roads, burning tyres, even place human excrement in the road to force authorities to give then free houses, water and electricity . Afraid of more violence, the City of Cape Town complies and this just renew the cycle.

In no time we will see that the black African Xhosa population will be the majority in the WC and so a deliberate campaign of violence or #BlackWar is used to achieve ethnic dominance including over jobs and business opportunities in the area ( because of the setting of national demographic racial quotas in the workplace by the national ANC government).

This is nothing else than ethnic dominance and hegemony, the tyranny of the majority.

But because liberals in the media see black people as permanently disadvantaged, they fight to undermine the law enforcement structures of the City of Cape Town which is fighting a losing battle against violence and barbarism.

Examples of #BlackWar in the province, the prevalence of which is actually widely known amongst the public, will be given later for the sake of proving the assertions made in this article but first we have to look at court and media capture justifying #BlackWar in the province.

The Western Cape High Court has just made a ruling that land owners can not protect property and remove illegally erected structures without a court order. The application was brought by the EFF and Human Rights Commission. The City will appeal the ruling. If this Western Cape High Court ruling becomes permanent law, efforts by property owners to protect land belonging to them will be totally impossible.

On August 17 the Daily Maverick online website, which is known to dress itself in a morally righteous cloak all the time, slammed the City of Cape Town for trying to oppose land invasions which is mostly done near to highways, nature reserves and wetlands or areas slated for development of houses and services.

To put it mildly the article made the City of Cape Town out as bad guy and the land invaders, led by ANC bigwigs and syndicates, as the poor oppressed . This is the typical useful idiot approach liberals have became famous for.

For the sake of proving that #BlackWar is not that innocent, and give an indication of what damage it can cause, the following examples are provided :

– 14 August 2020 – Nduli township, Ceres.

It is #TheAfricanWay to burn down your own library because you don’t get free houses and other free things fast enough.
Residents of Nduli in Ceres burnt down the Nduli library on Friday morning in ongoing violence, burning and looting since Tuesday in the township . On Tuesday Nduli residents started to block roads with burning tyres.
A municipal truck and truck transporting produce from the fruit and vegetable farm Laastedrif was set alight on Wednesday evening. Motorists who wanted to make use of the R46 road were also pelted with stones.
The municipality said the library was partially burnt out and computers were stolen.
The violence is aimed at forcing the municipality to give all the houses in the new Vredebes housing development to Nduli residents.
People should know one thing and that is that the #BlackWar violence won’t ever stop because people see that barbarian behaviour and violence is rewarded.
The demands are also likely to just increase because it is better to get free stuff than to work for it.

– 25 August 2020, Witsand, Atlantis

#BlackWar erupted again on Tuesday morning 25 August in Witsand, Atlantis, Cape Town when a rent-a-crowd acting on behalf of taxi owners stoned six Sibanye busses belonging to the Golden Arrow company. Several passengers and a bus driver were injured and had to be taken to a local hospital.
Golden Arrow says the terrorist attack was executed on behalf of taxi bosses who don’t want Golden Arrow to provide a service in the area.
#BlackWar #TheAfricanWay is continuing in Cape Town where land invaders have set another two Golden Arrow passenger busses alight early Monday morning a week ago. Three Golden Arrow busses were also burnt out by the invaders the previous Friday morning .
A spokesperson for Golden Arrow told Netwerk24 that one bus cost R2, 4 million.

Trains are only running on the southern line in Cape Town as most trains have been deliberately set alight over the years and overhead electric cables for railway lines were looted. Destruction of your own infrastructure is clearly #TheAfricanWay.
Several business premises in the Kraaifontein area were also violently attacked and invaded by land invaders who grabbed nearby land recently.

– 6 August, 2020 – Bloekombos, Kraaifontein

A young man who has just created a company a month ago and bought a bakkie through the bank, Michael du Plessis (21), his foreman Pierre and some of his workers were attacked and had they not managed to make a getaway would have been probably murdered by a rioting barbarian mob in Bloekombos, Kraaifontein on Thursday afternoon.
Du Plessis was entering the area to drop off workers and did not know there was a riot in the area.
His bakkie was suddenly surrounded by the mob and attacked, despite the mob doing nothing to a taxi which also just entered the area.
Stones and bottles rained on the bakkie and windows were thrown out.
A big concrete block also hit the driver’s door . A concrete block came throw the passenger window and hit Michael in the face. Blood streamed down his face and he could not feel his face.
They had to make a U-turn to drive through the crowd to safety to save their lives.

They made it to safety but the new bakkie is now severely damaged. Michael and some of his workers needed medical treatment afterwards.
People should ask themselves the question what sort of barbarian would want to kill someone who they don’t even know, a job creator who came to drop workers who stay in the same area, all in an attempt to take out their anger because they don’t get a free house overnight.
This was clearly terror and attempted murder and make no mistake these riots are planned by the ANC and EFF in the province to conquer the WC and ” transform” it into another black ruled tyranny of the majority.

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