Mainstream media’s carefully designed narrative is aimed at furthering globalist revolution

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Mainstream media's carefully designed narrative is aimed at furthering globalist revolution
Mainstream media's carefully designed narrative is aimed at furthering globalist revolution

What is happening in America (and everywhere else in the Western world) today?
Why is liberal mainstream media (MSM) so obviously biased and one-sided and why do they so visibly and obviously twist facts, strip words of any meaning, design and invent words to deceive and just plainly lie?
And remember that MSM likes to accuse opponents of fake news, whilst they are fake as can come.
The reason for their twisting of facts and words is basically to force their reporting and words used, into the framework of a narrative.

Keeping the background of BLM’s violent riots in the USA in mind, it is clear that the narrative that the liberals in the media want to convey is one of totally innocent black citizen victims who are left powerless and killed in droves by racist white Police.

Liberal media and BLM then deliberately twist facts to suit their agenda after incidents of black suspects killed by police officers.
They imply that the black man is always totally innocent, the white officer always a monster. Facts are deliberately left out (like that not all policemen are white and that Police shoot white people as well).

The narrative is deliberately designed, but why? This is why :

Liberal media wants to convince the black population that they are permanent victims. This is when group think take over and with that mob violence. As long as the media elite can convince people that they are victims, people’s right and ability to decide something for themselves will be taken away and group think and mob violence will take over.
As long as the masses can be convinced that they are victims, they can be convinced that they need the help and guidance of the Elite, the Vanguard of the Proletariat.

Who is the Elite? What do they want? In short they want global revolution, a new world order and the creation of a border less world. They are anti white in nature and see the white people and their entire history as evil. That is also why terms like Cancel Culture and a Cultural Revolution is used to describe what is going on.

Who is the people behind this.? Who is the Elite?

The Elite is mostly firm believers in a Globalist borderless world which would include most business elite people controlling multi national companies who believe a globalist world order would be in their best financial interest. Of course then you get the true ideological revolutionaries who have hijacked world liberal politics and forced it to the radical Left. The undisputed chief financier behind all this is George Soros and his Open Society Foundation who have donated almost R 40 billion to the cause.

Soros drives far Leftist and radical political causes like Defund Police, funds the campaigns of Leftist Attorney Generals in the USA with the aim to take many types of crimes off the statue books, de-criminalize illegal immigration etc. The coalition behind the Liberal/Globalist revolution is varied and BLM and Antifa are used as toy soldiers, hence the need to whip them up into a frenzy to spark violence, to spark the revolution.

In typical Bolshevik / Marxist style actually. Nothing peaceful about it. When inevitable violence then rage out of control, the liberal mainstream media then start with a deliberately designed narrative to paint the riots as ” mostly peaceful”.

A narrative is created to protect the end goal of the uprising which is the Globalist revolution because if people are going to stand up against BLM, Globalist and Antifa violence, the Globalist Revolution could be red.

The Liberal/Globalist Alliance besides BLM and Antifa includes the likes of the American Democratic Party strangely enough Islamist groups which are anything but liberal in ideology but have forged an alliance with the Liberal/Globalist Alliance to conquer the West and white nations in general, as they have always wanted.

And so liberal media tells the public that there is no violence, yet there is violence, extreme violence going on.
Simply put the revolutionary forces will use every opportunity they get to stoke the revolution and the violence they need to further their revolution.

They do want opportunities to come along, events that can put a spark to already whipped up masses, then latch onto the opportunity.
Since the George Floyd incident we have seen how the Globalist forces have seeked to use incidents of Police shootings as the spark they need, even though these so called victims were petty drug crazed criminals who opposed and resisted the Police as much they could before shot by the Police.

It happened with the George Floyd incident and now again with the shooting and killing of another black man, Jacob Blake, in Wisconsin, USA last Sunday. This article is not to discus the individual cases but the bigger picture behind it all and the motive liberal mainstream media has to created a false narrative.

It can shortly be mentioned that Blake resisted Police and went for a knife. As with the George Floyd incident, violent protests by BLM mobs erupted afterwards and as with the George Floyd incident, liberal mainstream media already had the narrative set before any facts were examined. They were determined to paint Blake as yet another innocent black victim.

Some of the media headlines afterwards would be funny were it not done to maintain a narrative to aid in the evil Liberal/Globalist world revolution which is after all aimed to remove all borders and to create a political correct world devoid of identity, identity is something which the Liberals and elitists hate.

A headline in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel read:

“Jacob Blake had knife in car but was otherwise unarmed” .
Kenosha, Wisconsin was the most affected after the Blake incident by arson , looting and violence.
Yet mainstream media did it’s best to paint the violence as “mostly peaceful”, a term widely used to twist and hide the truth and facts.
Whilst CNN was reporting from the Kenosha violence, with burning cars in the background, the headline read:

” Fiery but mostly peaceful protests after Police shooting”.
Earlier in the year ABC TV in America had this line whilst BLM riots and violence erupted :
” Peaceful demonstration intensifies”.

This particular demonstration was so peaceful that buildings started to burn by itself! Wow!
Not really. The mobs set them ablaze, yet the media still called the riots ” mostly peaceful”.
In short, liberal mainstream media don’t want to report anything that harms the political cause of their Masters, the Elite.
They are not reporters anymore, they are political activists.

People should always remember that not all is lost however. People should not see themselves as without will and as marionettes that can be twisted around on a string.

With new technology, social media and the internet we see the rise of alternative media like Breitbart and voices using blogs and podcasts, community radio etc to tell the truth and stand up for their rights and believes. The obvious thing to do would be to simply ditch liberal mainstream media and instead use these alternative resources.

People should realise that MSM media does not have the exclusive right to opinion forming anymore. The media elite wants to force us in a specific direction and control what people think and what we believe. We have the power to collapse them by using alternative media, social media and the internet.

The media elite only retain their power over us because we make use of them, so let us stop that and free ourselves from them as soon as possible.

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