Afrikaner Matthys Human, 80, beaten to death, Uitenhage

Murder April 19 2014: 80-year-old Uitenhage resident Matthys Human was found murdered in his Cathcart Street home, Van Riebeeckhoogte, beaten to death. On April 20 2014 it was confirmed by the SAPS spokeswoman w/o Gerda Swart that neighbours of Afrikaner resident Matthys Human, 80, alerted police who found the man bludgeoned to death on Saturday-morning. The neighbours called the SAPS after they grew suspicious because they had not seen Human for quite some time. He lived alone.

Warrant-officer Gerda Swart said the police went to Mr Human’s home in Cathcart Street, in Van Riebeeckhoogte, Uitenhage when they saw that one of the backdoors stood open. “His body was found in the hallway,’ said Swart. It is suspected that the old Afrikaner was ‘hit over the head with a blunt object’. The post-mortem examination will have to determine how long he had been dead before he was found murdered, she said.